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Abstract WizWhy is an advanced data mining tool that analyzes data and issues predictions. Product automatically reveals all the if-then rules in the data, and on the basis of these rules: 1) Summarizes the data; 2) Points out interesting phenomena in the data; 3) Reveals necessary and sufficient conditions; 4) Points out cases deviating from the rules; 5) Issues predictions for new cases.

WizWhy features and benefits include:

WizWhy unique features are:

1) Reveals IF-AND-ONLY-IF rules: after discovering if-then rules and if- then-not rules, WizWhy searches for necessary and sufficient conditions: IF-AND-ONLY-IF rules. These rules point out the main patterns in the data. The IF-AND-ONLY-IF rules are optimal in the sense that they cover the maximum number of both positive and negative cases.

2) Reveals Unexpected rules: Revealing interesting phenomena relies on the assumption that unexpected phenomena are interesting. Such as, an event that is inconsistent with an accepted theory is an interesting event. Each rule can be viewed as an event, and the basic rules and trends can be viewed as the ‘basic theory’ that describes the data. Therefore, by calculating how unlikely each rule is relative to the basic rules and trends, the unexpected rules can be revealed. These unexpected rules signify the interesting phenomena in the data.

3) Issues Predictions by using the discovered rules in the data set. WizWhy applies relevant rules to predict the outcome of new cases calculates the prediction conclusive probability and the prediction error probability and explains predictions by listing the relevant rules.

4) WizWhy uses a proprietary algorithm to reveal all the if-then rules that explain the Dependent Variable of other fields.

5) WizWhy summarizes data by listing the relations between each field and the dependent variable, and calculates the explanatory power of each field. The 'explanatory power' shows to what extent the field explains the dependent variable.

Product Applications - Can be used to issue critical predictions in many aplication areas such as:

1) Credit risk in banking and business; 2) Most likely buyers for specific products in direct marketing; 3) Most likely viewers on a website; 4) Customer retention; 5) Most successful companies in the stock market; 6) Fraud detection; 7) Patterns of failures in manufacturing and maintenance; 8) Patterns and trends in social and physical science(s) data; 9) Medical diagnosis.

WizWhy has the following file access capabilities:

System Requirements

32MB RAM; Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP


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G6G Abstract Number 20043

G6G Manufacturer Number 102977