General Information


The G6G Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software is updated continually. If you are a manufacturer and would like to request to have your software added, please contact us.


There is no cost to manufacturers (companies, academic institutions, consortia) to be included in the Directory. Please see our Advertising section if you would like to advertise on our pages.

What Software We Add

Our priority is to add software abstracts to the directory that have "intelligent" attributes, contribute to data mining functions and are available to use across multiple platforms. In some cases where a manufacturer has multiple products, we try to add the major product first to get users to your site, then add others depending on interest.

Product Distribution

We are a directory, Not a distributor. Please consult each manufacturer for free trial downloads and ordering information.

Technical Support

All product technical support is provided by the listed manufacturer. The G6G Consulting Group provides contracted research only (e.g., suggestions for best software product for your purpose).

Page Content

Page content is assembled from the manufacturers' web sites to insure proper representation. We sometimes reorganize information from different parts of a site or from user's manuals or academic publications by the manufacturer.

Please contact us for any issues regarding representation of product, address corrections, or your own site updates. The G6G Consulting Group assumes no liability for information accuracy.

The purpose of the Directory is to make end-users aware of products and give enough information for informed choices. Always reconfirm the G6G Abstract information on the manufacturer's web page and literature and consult the manufacturer before purchasing a product.


All products, product names, and company names contained in this directory are registered trademarks and/or service marks of their respective manufacturers.

Manufacturer Editing or Opt-out

All manufacturers are contacted regarding listing edits. If this notice has not reached the proper person for editing or if a manufacturer wishes not to be listed for any reason, please send edits or requests for opt-out to