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Abstract VisualText® is an ideal tool for quickly developing accurate and fast information extraction, natural language processing, and text analysis systems for the most complex needs.

You can use the VisualText IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to automatically populate databases with the critical content now buried in textual documents. For example, you can extract business/science events from web news sites and create a searchable database for the latest business/science information.

VisualText has been used to build a number of applications, including accurate analyzers for extracting information from resumes, systems that categorize web pages, an analyzer that monitors a financial transaction chat, email analyzers, selective web spiders, and more. Major application areas are web, business, law, medicine, military, and government.

A key discriminator of VisualText is that it enables you to build analyzers that can be maintained and enhanced by non-programmers and non- linguists. Simply by highlighting new phrases in a text, the user can generate an enhanced analyzer automatically.

VisualText automatically generates new rules and layers them into the analyzer framework. Our analyzers are "glass box", letting you create and manage knowledge, grammar, and algorithms.

You can build a text analyzer from beginning to end entirely within VisualText. By iteratively modifying and testing the analyzer without having to wait for code and rules to compile, you can develop text analyzers quickly and conveniently. We have proved this by building prototypes in a matter of days - sometimes hours!

Features and benefits of VisualText:

1) Integrated development environment (IDE) -- Reduces resources needed to build text analyzers.

2) Rich, integrated GUI tool set and data views -- Accelerates development of deep, accurate analyzers.

3) Natural Language Processing (NLP)++ Programming Language -- Anything thinkable can be programmed! Users focus on the task and heuristics rather than programmatic detail.

4) Hierarchical Knowledge Base (KB) Management System -- Easy to build ontologies, dictionaries, semantics, and any other desired schemas.

5) Automatic Rule Generation (RUG) -- Easy and quick to maintain and enhance analyzers merely by highlighting text.

6) NLP++ integrates code, rules, parse trees, and KB -- Easy to access/modify knowledge.

7) Interpreted NLP++ execution -- Fast modify-and-test development cycle.

8) Compilation of analyzer and KB -- Fast execution in run-time environment.

9) Excellent Graphical User Interface (GUI) support for debugging analyzers -- Reduced time and effort to debug analyzers.

10) Multi-pass analyzers -- Modular, maintainable, readable, extensible.

11) Single parse tree -- No combinatorial explosion; results in efficient analyzers.

12) Paradigm independent, integrates multiple paradigms and styles of text analysis -- Enables developer to use and combine the most appropriate methods for the task at hand.

13) User project for adding C++ code -- Open architecture for easy integration with 3rd party software, extension of the core capability by the customer.

14) Rules operate in specific contexts -- Higher precision, faster execution.

15) Built-in confidence operator -- Easy to compute and assess confidence.

Note: The Professional version is Free for personal, internal, academic, development, and non-commercial use.

System Requirements

VisualText™ runs on PCs with Windows: NT, Windows 2000, Win98, and WinME.

Analyzers built with VisualText can run stand-alone or embedded in larger applications. The runtime system has also been ported to a Redhat Linux 8.0 environment with a Gnu C++ compiler. Support for Linux and other environments that compile C++ can be arranged with Text Analysis International, Inc.

For VisualText, we recommend a machine running at 500MHz or greater, with 256MB RAM (128MB minimum), and 250MB available hard disk. Minimum requirements for monitor are 15" with a resolution of 1024x768 or better.


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