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Abstract STATISTICA Data Miner offers one of the most comprehensive selections of data mining solutions on the market, with an icon-based, easy-to-use user interface and deployment engine. It features a selection of automated and ready-to-deploy data mining solutions for a wide variety of business applications.

At the same time, STATISTICA Data Miner is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet very specific and demanding analysis requirements through its open architecture.

Products unique features/capabilities include:

1) Comprehensiveness -- STATISTICA Data Miner increases your chances of finding crucial insights with over 11,000 analytic, graphical, and data management functions and one of the most exhaustive collections of data mining and machine learning algorithms on the market at your disposal; it includes among many others:

2) Performance and Technology -- STATISTICA Data Miner features highly optimized and refined algorithms, true multi-threading (Client- Server), in-place processing of remote databases, complete Web- enablement, and scalability to databases in the range of terabytes.

3) Compatibility and Open Architecture -- STATISTICA Data Miner supports all industry-standard data-file formats as well as ODBC, OLE DB, and SQL; there is No proprietary database/data warehouse format or programming environment/language to learn; all functionality is exposed via COM (and SOAP in Client-Server version) and 3rd-party procedures are easily incorporated.

4) Customizability -- STATISTICA Data Miner integrates seamlessly into your existing architecture; simple customization of all analyses and interfaces is achieved via conventional drag-and-drop methods or the industry-standard Visual Basic scripting language; custom tools can be quickly and easily built for individual users or applications.

5) Complete Web-Integration and Platform Independence through WebSTATISTICA -- STATISTICA Data Miner is one of the most fully Web- enabled data analysis and data mining systems on the market today; all functionality can be accessed via a standard Web browser “across the hall or across continents”; thousands of users can be supported world- wide since the system scales to multiple processors and clusters of servers to deliver supercomputer-like performance; analysis results can be interactively distributed to authenticated users through secure Interactive Knowledge Portals.

6) User-Friendliness -- STATISTICA Data Miner offers one of the most advanced methods with simple and elegant user-interfaces; high- quality graphical output is easily created with a few mouse-clicks; all aspects of the interface can be customized with industry-standard tools; extremely large data-files can be efficiently analyzed on a laptop computer.

7) STATISTICA Text Miner -- an optional extension of STATISTICA Data Miner, features a large selection of text retrieval, preprocessing, and analytic & interpretive mining procedures for unstructured text data (including Web pages), with numerous options for converting text into numeric information (for mapping, clustering, predictive data mining, etc.), language-specific stemming algorithms, and options to support other unstructured input (e.g., sound or image files).

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