Cogito Intelligence Platform

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Abstract Cogito Intelligence Platform is an innovative solution that enables you to perform detailed analyses of all the significant information contained in text.

Through an in depth ‘semantic analysis’, optimizes the intelligence activities to:

1) Index the data present on and off-line.

2) Select information.

3) Interactively navigate between content.

4) Rapidly extract and correlate information.

5) Consolidate the results in summary reports.

Cogito Intelligence Platform supports analysts in the most advanced Intelligence processes of collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information.

Cogito Intelligence Platform traces all information, identifies the structural and lexical aspects of a text, identifies the conceptual links between various documents and carries out disambiguation and advanced 'semantic comprehension' operations.

The processes linked to knowledge are the essence of 'Intelligence', which is concretely developed in the phases of:

1) Development of the category tree and of the rules for data management.

2) Data collection (originating from databases or open sources).

3) Caching documents.

4) Indexing and filtering.

5) Ranking - relevance of each document.

6) Analysis and transformation into knowledge.

7) Evaluation of the information by the analysts.

8) Validation of the information by the analysts.

9) Targeted and timely dissemination.

The activity that makes use of information originating from open sources, called 'Open Source Intelligence', results decisive for both public security agencies and for companies that are looking for a competitive advantage over their competitors.

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