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Abstract PolyAnalyst is a multi-strategy tool for knowledge discovery (data mining) in large volumes of text and structured data.

The system enables you to answer diverse business questions by learning from historical data and predicting outcomes of future situations.

PolyAnalyst directly serves the needs of two (2) types of users --

1) Data Analysts design data analysis scenarios through a simple drag- and-drop interface and create custom reports summarizing their findings.

2) Business Users view interactive reports and executive dashboards displaying key results in easy to comprehend graphical format.

You can perform numerous text and data analysis tasks --

Categorization; Clustering; Prediction; Pattern learning; Trends analysis; Anomaly detection; Link analysis; Association analysis; Entity extraction; and Graphical reporting.

PolyAnalyst offers a broad selection of tools for data integration, cleansing, manipulation, visualization and modeling, enhanced with flexible reporting capabilities, and alert generation.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily develop multi- step data analysis scenarios without writing complicated scripts.

The proven scalability of PolyAnalyst enables organizations to efficiently process gigabytes of data.

PolyAnalyst client/server implementation ensures high performance and enables user collaboration and task scheduling.

The 64-bit and cluster server architecture further enhance the system productivity. Strict security facilitates deployment in data-sensitive environments.

PolyAnalyst supports the complete data analysis process --

PolyAnalyst enables you to --

PolyAnalyst Application Fields --

1) Cross-industry - Data integration; Survey analysis; Call center data analysis; Competitive intelligence.

2) Consumer Products - Complaints analysis; Support communications analysis; Repair and warranty notes analysis.

3) Finance and insurance - Fraud and abuse detection; Risk analysis; Subrogation prediction; Customer retention analysis; Claims notes analysis.

4) Government - Incident reports analysis; Macro-economic parameters prediction.

5) Healthcare - Executive analytics dashboards; Utilization management; Disease management; Doctor notes analysis.

6) Marketing and Market Research - Response prediction; Market segmentation; Customer valuation.

7) Pharmaceuticals - Drug safety reports analysis; Pre-clinical and clinical studies analysis; Academic publications and IP research.

8) Retail - Cross-sell analysis; Shopper experience improvement; Inventory forecasting.

System Requirements

PolyAnalyst Server

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PolyAnalyst Clients

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