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Abstract Miner3D is a 3D Visual Data Mining and Interactive Data Analysis software product. This data visualization product can be used for multidimensional exploratory data analysis.

With an advanced and intuitive user interface, Miner3D allows you to work effectively without extensive technical training.

Miner3D also adds to the quality and realism of presentation graphics. That is why bank and investment analysts, researchers in pharmaceutical, biotech or material research, process engineers, sales managers, geologists and many other professionals from different industries turn to Miner3D to take their work to the next level.

Regardless of your SQL programming skills, statistical experience, or mathematical expertise, Miner3D empowers you to understand trends and relationships in your data. This all-visual intuitive tool automates all the complicated data analysis work.

Inspired by the dashboards of the most advanced aircrafts and vehicles, Miner3D's user interface puts all critical controls and information right upfront.

Instead of immersing you in complicated highly technical information, Miner3D puts you right in the center of your data, allowing you to concentrate on generating ideas and developing sophisticated insights and results for your business.

Integrated model builders automatically create charts for current data loaded in the system. Miner3D includes support for creating several basic 3D and 2D charts that can be quickly and easily customized and then converted to a totally different graph type.

Miner3D's high level of flexibility enables you to generate virtually unlimited amounts of possible combinations of 2D or 3D data charts.

Models include: Scatter, Bar, Line Charts, Histograms, Tiles, Heat Maps, and Surface.

Miner3D features/capabilities include:

1) Visual OLAP with Graphical Query Making Drill-down, Roll-up and Fast In-memory Filtering -- Miner3D Enterprise comes with a set of advanced visual OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) features allowing users to interact with data warehouses more efficiently than before.

Miner3D Enterprise has a visual interface enabling users to create 3-, 4- or even 5-dimensional queries. More important, it also is capable of meaningful and intuitive representation of complex queries.

The process of creating a query, receiving results and visual analysis is well integrated, supported by intuitive actions within its physical-like data space.

There is Not a gap between a query and analysis of results anymore, and the entire process is very fluent and straightforward.

2) Dynamic Data Filtering with Fast In-memory Dynamic Statistics -- Filter is an advanced data selection tool that enables you to easily "Slice and Dice" your data and display it in a variety of interactive views.

It provides visual and interactive query making and helps to reveal patterns and clusters in data and layouts and decompositions in data models.

This tool, in combination with the Statistics calculator, plays a central role in Miner3D, enabling thorough data analysis with a high level of interactivity and context visualization.

3) Trellis Charts in 3D and 2D visualizations -- A trellis chart is actually a grid of small charts, sometimes called panel chart, small-multiples, or page chart.

It is basically a repetition of a chart across a grid, where each part of the cart has one variable which changes. In other words, it is a grid of multiple smaller charts driven around in a loop executing it once for every category item.

The Trellis functionality is Not bound to a certain chart type, every basic chart type available in Miner3D can be trellised, scatter bar charts, heat maps, line charts, whichever. Both 2D as well as 3D versions of charts can be trellised.

4) Unsupervised Visual Data Clustering Kohonen's Self-Organizing Maps -- Kohonen maps are a tool for arranging the data points into a manageable 2D or 3D space in a way that preserves closeness. Also known as self-organizing maps (SOM), Kohonen maps are inspired biologically.

The SOM computational mechanism reflects how many scientists think the human brain organizes many-faceted concepts into its 3D structure.

The SOM algorithm lays a 2D grid of "neuronal units" and assigns each data point to the unit that will "recognize" it.

The assignment is made in such a way that neighboring units recognize similar data. The result of applying a Kohonen map to a data set is a 2D plot, but Miner3D can also support 3D Kohonen maps.

5) K-Means Clustering Visual Clustering -- Miner3D provides the popular K-means method of clustering. K-Means Clustering and K- Means Data Reduction give you more power and more options to process large data sets.

K-means can be used either for clustering data sets visually in 3D or for row reduction and compression of large data sets. Miner3Ds implementation of K-Means uses a high-performance proprietary scheme based on filtering algorithms and multidimensional binary search trees.

6) Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in 3D Visual Environment --

PCA allows you to focus the key information providing a way of condensing the information contained in a number of original variables into a smaller number of principal components.

High dimensionality information is often borne by a few important dimensions, or their combinations, while the rest contains measurement "noise" or other uninteresting data.

PCA will identify these important dimensions and will select a "subspace" in the data that contains the most information, throwing away the remaining dimensions.

PCA aims to finds a new set of axes (PCA Vectors) such that most of the variability of the data is contained in the first few dimensions. The PCs are independent and uncorrelated variables that explain the observed variability.

Each PC is a linear combination of the original variables. PCA in Miner3D is implemented via Eigen decomposition of the covariance matrix.

7) 3D Graphical Data Analysis for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Excel, and Access --

Data analysis starts with easy and reliable access to source data. Miner3D provides intuitive access to data and users can quickly open data sources using unified data access dialogs.

Miner3D workspace can save and store instant links to accessed data sources directly in M3D files.

8) Excel 3D Visual Data Analysis -- Miner3D is integrated with Excel for instant data connectivity, allowing you to avoid the hassles normally associated with the management and configuration of data files.

With Miner3D, you only need to maintain a single copy of data, so you can focus on the data analysis work itself. Extracting, formatting, copying, saving, and loading is fully automatic.

9) Chemical Structures Plug-in - Molecule Drawings Integrated in Visual Data Representations -- Miner3D Chemical Structures plug-in enhances visuals generated by Miner3D and is crucial for chemists who need to explore relations between data and molecules.

Having chemical information integrated deeply within data is important for exploratory data analysis in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech or material research industries. Miner3D Chemical Structures plug-in is compatible with most of cheminformatics technologies used in today's industry solutions.

Miner3D products are:

1) Miner3D Basic - Advanced Data Visualization Software for Making Interactive Data Charts and Graphics Reports.

2) Miner3D Professional - Advanced Visual Data Analytics for Business Intelligence Professionals.

3) Miner3D Enterprise - The Ultimate Visual Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Solution.

4) Miner3D Infinity - 64bit Power for Visual Analysis of Terabyte Datasets.

5) Miner3D Developer - Integrate visual data mining and content intelligence with your own projects!

6) Miner3D Web Player - AJAX 3D enabled - Share fully interactive data visualizations over the Web!

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