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Abstract BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery is innovative decision-making (data mining) software based on techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) and in particular on fuzzy logic.

Its general principle is the extraction of models from data obtained by observations or experiments (reverse engineering).

Products training data can be heterogeneous (qualitative and quantitative) and imperfect (incomplete, uncertain, contradictory).

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery (KD) is classified among the techniques of supervised learning. The variables to be modeled can be quantitative (regression) as well as qualitative (classification).

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery's main objectives are:

1) To extract predictive models.

2) To facilitate the understanding of the phenomena by representing their functioning with simple and readable rules.

3) To reveal hidden interactions in order to release valuable trends and to innovate.

4) To capitalize on the knowledge by transforming abundant and heterogeneous data into simple and compact models.

5) To improve the quality of the decisions, by optimizing the choices in environments where decisions must simultaneously have numerous criteria and variables available.

6) To give value to existing and unexploited data.

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery can be used in the following industries --

Aeronautics, automobiles, pharmacy, energy, banking, finance, insurance, distribution, travel, administration, etc.

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery (KD) is offered in three (3) Editions:

1) BLIASoft KD Advanced Edition -- is the ‘full software edition’ that provides all Features:

2) BLIASoft KD Standard Edition offers the full functionality for professional use:

3) BLIASoft KD Viewer Edition offers all the tools for viewing and operation solutions (the extraction engine models are Not included in this edition).

BLIASoft KD Viewer Edition is the ideal choice for easy deployment and cost for several previous model processes (the models being previously extracted using the Standard and Advanced).

Visualization Tools --

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery provides tools for viewing 2D graphics, 3D and even 4D to facilitate the analysis of solutions (after treatment).

Based on technology Microsoft ® DirectX ®, the 3D graphics engine provides an advanced interface, fully customizable and very easy to use.

Most features (zoom, rotations, chart type, scale, transparency ...) are entirely controlled by the mouse.

July 2010 - Version 1.6 available for BLIASoft KD --

1) Optimizing performance with large samples.

2) For categorical variables, a distinction between nominal variables (with No notion of order between modalities) and ordinal variables.

3) Modeling of cyclic target variables.

4) New interface for monitoring the extraction process.

February 2010 - Version 1.5 available for BLIASoft KD --

1) A new Assistant for the importation of the data with an improved handling of large databases and new intelligent features for a quicker and safer process.

2) A new separated tab for displaying the variables, for a better visualization with descriptive statistics.

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery Advantages --

An approach adapted to the real world of data --

1) Imperfect data (incomplete, uncertain, contradictory).

2) Heterogeneous data (qualitative and quantitative).

3) Little or lots of data, Not uniformly distributed.

An economic approach --

1) Exploitation of already existing data.

An approach facilitating the understanding of the phenomena --

1) An understandable interpretation by rules written in natural language.

2) No particular skill in data processing is needed to use this software and analyze its results.

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery best usage --

Although applicable to all types of data, BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery can best be utilized in the following situations:

1) For the analysis of processes and complex phenomena whose modeling is Not available or too expensive.

2) When the quality and the reliability of the information is Not guaranteed (missing, badly distributed, uncertain data).

3) For domains involving human factors.

4) With information already available, Not envisaged originally for a particular treatment.

5) Generally, when the traditional approaches of data processing prove to be ineffective.

Note: It is possible to process large-sized databases with this software. But, the manufacturers’ method is particularly effective with data available in very small quantities, i.e. when it is necessary to maximize the knowledge starting from a minimum of information.

This capability is an important advantage, as the cost of collection or the creation of this type of data is often high.

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