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Abstract FuzzySets for Maple™ is an easy-to-use toolbox for Maple which allows professionals, researchers, and students to learn about, experiment with, and ‘model systems’ through ‘fuzzy logic’ and ‘fuzzy sets’ in the Maple worksheet environment.

It transforms Maple (see Note 1) into a system which works with ‘fuzzy values’ and ‘fuzzy sets’ as seamlessly as the basic system deals with classical logic and sets.

The functionality includes most principal areas of ‘fuzzy logic’ and ‘fuzzy sets’, including ‘fuzzy control theory’.

FuzzySets for Maple Intended Audience --

1) Researchers and engineers interested in modeling systems using fuzzy sets.

2) Educators may use the package to supplement their notes and text for a course on fuzzy sets.

For courses where ‘fuzzy sets’ occupies only one of many topics being covered, the ‘help pages’ could replace a text book.

The Maple™ environment is easy to use, it does Not require compilation, and many students may already be familiar with it if Maple™ was used to help teach first and second year mathematics courses.

3) Students at either the undergraduate or the graduate level will get a solid introduction to ‘fuzzy sets’ and their use with this package.

It requires very little time to start constructing ‘fuzzy sets’ and to begin manipulating them.

FuzzySets for Maple Features list --

1) Fuzzy subsets of the real line (unique to this package).

2) Fuzzy subsets of finite universal sets.

3) Numerous fuzzy set constructors.

4) Numerous installed t-norms, s-norms, complements, implications, and methods of fuzzy inferences.

5) Tools for quickly building fuzzy controllers from a collection of rules.

6) All the standard set operators (union, intersect, subset, etc.) and Boolean operators (and, or, implies) have been overloaded to naturally work with ‘fuzzy sets’ and values, respectively, as well as with ‘standard sets’ and Boolean values.

7) Plotting of fuzzy sets.

Note 1: Maple is an advanced mathematical and technical tool. Maple combines an advanced mathematical computation engine with an intuitive, “clickable” user interface.

Its smart document environment automatically captures all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form that seamlessly integrates calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images, sound, and diagrams.:

System Requirements

FuzzySets for Maple requires - Maple 8 or higher, and has been tested against Maple 8, Maple 9, Maple 9.5, Maple 10, Maple 11, and Maple 12. Full requirements.


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