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Abstract fuzzyTECH Professional Edition is a fuzzy logic (FL) development system. It can be used to design fuzzy logic systems for all technical application areas. The product generates systems which can be remotely optimized “on-the-fly”.

The fuzzy logic system is designed, tested, and generated as “C” code on a Personal Computer (PC). Then, the “C” code is implemented and started on the target hardware.

fuzzyTECH can communicate bi-directionally with the implemented code on the target system at any time via a serial cable, TCP/IP or another communication link.

The Professional Edition lets you export your fuzzy logic system as a plug-in runtime module for PC-based applications. Product generates portable “C” code that can be flexibly adapted to any target hardware and deploys fuzzy logic runtime systems as Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and ActiveX modules.

The efficiency of fuzzyTECH’s code allows it to be used in fast real-time control systems. By supporting advanced fuzzy logic inference methods (compensatory operators, fuzzy associative maps, s-shape membership functions, arbitrary membership functions, etc.), the product is also ideal for complex fuzzy logic applications.

The Professional Edition also allows Online debugging with the PC-based runtime modules.

This Edition also support the special “plug-and-play” type runtime modules provided for specific process control software such as InTouch™, FactoryLink™, TheFIX™, Genesis™, and WinCC™.

In addition to the M source code generation provided by every fuzzyTECH Edition, the fuzzyTECH Professional Edition also contains a MEX runtime module that provides high-performance computation of fuzzy logic systems in the Matlab/Simulink™ environment.

Why use fuzzyTECH?

Fuzzy logic allows a generalization of conventional logic. It provides for terms between “true” and “false” like “almost true” or “partially false”. Therefore, fuzzy logic cannot be directly processed on computers but must be emulated by special code.

This is what fuzzyTECH brings to the party. fuzzyTECH on one hand provides you with all the tools to design and test a fuzzy logic system.

Once designed fuzzyTECH stores your work, as an FTL format file. FTL stands for “Fuzzy Technology Language”, and can be considered “the programming language of fuzzy logic”.

Because fuzzyTECH provides an all-graphical user interface, however, you never need to program a single line of code in FTL.

Rather, fuzzyTECH on the other hand converts this FTL description to code that can be used on your target hardware that is, the hardware where your fuzzy logic solution finally shall run on.

Designing a fuzzy logic system is different from conventional coding. To give you the most efficient start, fuzzyTECH features three (3) “Fuzzy Design Wizards” that guides you step-by-step.

As a beginner, this insures that you have covered all design steps thoroughly, as an experienced developer you will be able to design the prototype of a complex system in just a few minutes.

fuzzyTECH Professional Edition Additional Features include:

Fuzzy Logic Systems Design by “Point and Click” -- fuzzyTECH provides an all-graphical user interface for all phases of a development project.

Complemented by its Fuzzy Design Wizards, fuzzyTECH can let you create fuzzy logic solutions in less than a day's work.

Its Fuzzy Design Wizards features enable rapid application design, let you conduct ultra-fast prototyping and guide you through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standardized fuzzy logic design approach.

Embracing the Standards --

1) Product is based on the emerging IEC 1131-7 standard for industrial fuzzy logic system development;

2) It supports ISO 9001 compliant development with a built-in documentation generator and a revision control system; and

3) Product also allows you to implement Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certifiable control systems.

Programmability and Customization -- fuzzyTECH comes with an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to remotely control most functions in fuzzyTECH from your software.

This API is provided as a DLL called FTRCU (fuzzyTECH Remote Control Unit) which contains all the functions you need to completely integrate fuzzyTECH with your developed software.

Open Software Interfaces - fuzzyTECH can be linked and integrated with most other software products via standard interface techniques such as Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), DLL, and ActiveX.

The manufacturer provides complete “plug-and-play” type interfaces for many popular software environments, such as, Simulink, InTouch, Excel, Access, Visual Basic, etc.

Code Generation - At the push of a button, fuzzyTECH can generate a complete fuzzy logic solution in source code. You may use this source code to compile and link with your main code, calling the fuzzy logic system as a simple function.

Depending on the Edition, portable “C” code, assembly source code for microcontrollers/-processors, or function blocks for programmable logic controllers can be generated.

In a joint development projects with microchip manufacturers such as Motorola and Intel, the compactness and execution speed of the fuzzyTECH generated code has been highly optimized.

Stand-Alone Runtime Modules -- fuzzyTECH can generate FTR (Fuzzy Technology Runtime) files from your fuzzy logic solution. You can use the products stand-alone runtime modules to embed your fuzzy logic solution with other software.

Stand-alone runtime modules are available as 16/32 Bit DLLs for all MS Windows operating systems and as an ActiveX component.

Note: Any of the programming code generated by fuzzyTECH in your developed products may be used royalty-free.

Process Control Solutions -- The manufacturer provides tight integration of fuzzyTECH and popular process control software packages. This makes integrating fuzzy logic control blocks with complete control solutions very doable. Such solutions include: InTouch, InControl, CiTECT, LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, WinFACT, WinCC, FIX, BridgeVIEW, and many others.

Online/RTRCD Debugging -- The “Online” debugging technique allows for the modification of a running fuzzy logic system “on-the-fly”.

All editors and analyzers of fuzzyTECH let you monitor the fuzzy logic inference in real time and every modification is implemented instantly on the target hardware. fuzzyTECH communicates with the target system at any time via serial cable, network file system, or other communication link.

Real-time data is transferred from the target hardware to the graphical editors and analyzers of fuzzyTECH, allowing complete visualization of the fuzzy logic inference.

Modifications to the fuzzy logic system are transferred from fuzzyTECH to the target hardware and implemented without halting this system.

Remote traces can be configured and controlled from fuzzyTECH as well. Some fuzzyTECH MCU Editions also provide a limited online debugging functionality, called RTRCD (Real-Time Remote Cross Debugging).

RTRCD lets you modify rules and membership functions on-the-fly and run traces.

fuzzyTECH Professional Edition Add-On Module --

HyperInference Add-On Module -- The HyperInference Add-On Module extends the traditional fuzzy logic inference. While traditional fuzzy logic inference only allows for rules to express positive experience, HyperInference introduces rules that also can represent warnings or vetoes.

For control and supervision of technical processes, adequate consideration of experience in the form of warnings is necessary to prevent undesired operating situations in the interests of protecting the plant or sparing costs.

INFORM has exclusively licensed the patented HyperInference technology for fuzzyTECH.

System Requirements

System requirements: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 98 or Windows 95, IE 7.0 or higher; Minimum 30 MB disk space and 16 MB RAM.


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