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Abstract GeneXproTools 4.0 is a predictive modeling tool designed for Function Finding, Classification/Logistic Regression, Time Series Prediction, and Logic Synthesis. GeneXproTools is easy to use and as soon as you learn how to load your data, you will be able to generate a model immediately as GeneXproTools comes with a series of templates that only require a mouse click for you to design a good model. There are four (4) editions of GeneXproTools: Standard, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Academic Versions are available both for the Professional and Enterprise editions. Products features/capabilities include:

GeneXproTools can process datasets with tens of thousands of variables and extract the most significant features and their relationships. GeneXproTools is also a very user-friendly application simplifying the access to all types of data stores from raw text files to databases and Excel spreadsheets.

Note: You don't need to know any programming language to create accurate and complex models.

GeneXproTools provides all the necessary features to load training and testing sets, generate models, perform statistical analysis of the results and apply immediately the model to any new database using its flexible scoring engine. If you want to integrate the generated models with other applications, GeneXproTools lets you translate them to up to 16 different programming languages [Ada, C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Java Script, Matlab, Pascal, Perl, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), Python, Visual Basic (VB), VB.Net, Verilog (Hardware Description Language), and VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL)].

High quality models -- GeneXproTools generates models that are at the same time very accurate and have a high power of generalization. You can observe and test these characteristics using the twelve (12) sample runs that ship with GeneXproTools or by using your own data. In demo mode, GeneXproTools lets you load your data, create models and review the statistical analysis of those models. With the sample runs there are No restrictions and thus you can explore and learn the complete workflow, from model structure and code generation to model evaluation and model simplification. The models created from your own data in demo mode are unlocked as soon as you purchase a license of GeneXproTools. The application can function in demo mode indefinitely.

Unlimited variables and samples -- This new version of GeneXproTools can process any number of samples and variables, limited only by the computer resources available. In practical terms a modern computer processes datasets with over one (1) or two (2) million cells effortlessly, processing, in this case, around five generations per second using the default settings. The new file format can load this amount of data in a few seconds and store it very efficiently.

Easy to use -- GeneXproTools is by far one of the most accessible predictive modeling tools in the market hiding the complexity behind simple wizards and concepts familiar to anyone with basic computer knowledge. Around the world people with all levels of expertise are making ground breaking discoveries and creating extraordinary new products because GeneXproTools provides the ideal modeling platform for any research field.

At first sight GeneXproTools is a surprisingly simple data analysis application. And you can use it at that level and still reap all the benefits of a revolutionary modeling platform. As your knowledge of the tool progresses you will find many new ways of increasing the effectiveness of your work and improve your results even further.

Gene Expression Programming (GEP) -- is the learning algorithm behind GeneXproTools and what it learns specifically is about relationships between variables in sets of data and then builds models to explain these relationships.

How learning algorithms build models or discover solutions to problems varies, with some simulating networks of neurons and others simulating evolution through natural selection. Gene Expression Programming belongs to the latter group, the so called Evolutionary Algorithms. And like all evolutionary algorithms, natural or otherwise, GEP uses populations of individuals (in this case, populations of models or solutions), selects and reproduces them according to fitness, and introduces genetic variation using one or more genetic operators such as mutation or recombination. And these are obviously the prerequisites for evolution to occur.

In GeneXproTools we are obviously interested in designing mathematical models, which mean that GeneXproTools works with populations of models and selects them according to their respective fatnessesí. Then it reproduces the selected models, doing so with a certain degree of genetic variation, thus creating the next generation of new models. By repeating this process for a certain number of generations, one is bound to get evolution, which in this case means better and better solutions to the problem at hand.

So these are the general principles of all evolutionary algorithms and, in fact, there are several artificial evolutionary algorithms that explore them. Of special interest to the GEP technique are the Genetic Algorithms (GAs) and Genetic Programming (GP), for they serve to illustrate some of the fundamental characteristics of the GEP technique.

The GEP system is a full-fledged genotype/phenotype system with expression trees of different sizes and shapes encoded in linear chromosomes of fixed length. Also important is that GEP chromosomes are multigenic, encoding multiple expression trees or sub-programs that can be organized into a much more complex program. So, like the DNA/protein system of life on Earth, the genes/trees system of GEP can Not only explore all the crannies and paths of the solution space but it's also free to explore higher levels of organization. Products Key features/capabilities include:

1) Unlimited samples - All editions support an unlimited number of samples;

2) Unlimited variables - In the Enterprise edition;

3) More variables - The Standard Edition was expanded to 16 variables and the Advanced Edition to 64;

4) Four (4) different algorithms - Function Finding, Classification, Time Series Prediction, and Logic Synthesis;

5) Exceptional predictive accuracy - No model over fitting in GeneXproTools;

6) Fast Custom Fitness - Fast and easy to use custom fitness function;

7) More than 30 fitness functions - Including fitness functions with parsimony pressure;

8) More than 270 functions - And a very complete function management panel;

9) Function selection facility - Allows the selection of a different function sets very quickly;

10) Automatic function weighting - Better models for datasets with many variables;

11) User Defined Functions - Custom tailored functions that GeneXproTools then uses to design models with;

12) Full run history analysis - Decide which is the best model for your purposes and gain some insights into the modeling process;

13) Model optimization - Start from existing models;

14) Model simplification - Smaller and simpler models for faster and leaner operation;

15) Easy model refreshing - For when circumstances change and models go slightly out of date;

16) Data visualization tools - For data and model results visualization;

17) Extensive model analysis tools - Curve fitting charts, target/model comparison tables, and standard statistical analyses on large training and testing sets;

18) User Defined Grammars - Automatic code generation in virtually any programming language;

19) Clear model visualization - Quicker and more complete understanding of the structural intricacies of your models;

20) Very informative Run panel - With variable usage, model size and curve fitting charts;

21) Scoring Engine - Immediate model scoring in the GeneXproTools environment;

22) Default run templates - Design excellent models with just a mouse click;

23) User friendly interface - Easy to use and very efficient.

System Requirements

The recommended requirements to run GeneXproTools 4.0 are:

Platforms -- The recommended operating systems to run GeneXproTools 4.0 are:

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000

Note: GeneXproTools 4.0 may also be installed on Windows NT 4.0 SP6 and Windows 98 and Me if Internet Explorer 6.0 and the MDAC 2.5 are installed. This setup is Not recommended but it is known to work. Please test in demo mode before acquiring a license or contact the manufacturer at with your requirements for testing.


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