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Abstract NNetSheet is a development system that creates spreadsheet models of neural networks. These models are called Neural Network Spreadsheets. NNetSheet-C implements the neural network learning algorithms as dynamic link libraries (DLLs) -- C programs dynamically linked to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. To the spreadsheet user, these neural network algorithms look like ordinary spreadsheet formulas. Product helps you build applications for data clustering, pattern recognition, and expert system rule generation.

All NNetSheet commands are configured in an easy-to-use Excel menu-bar that is integrated with all standard Excel commands and charting utilities. NNetSheet provides interactive help that takes you through the process of building neural network spreadsheet applications.

Additional features include:

Input/Output - NNetSheet inputs are any set of training examples that can be read by Microsoft Excel in any one of 13 formats. NNetSheet "outputs" are neural network formulas. The formulas access the NNetSheet Dynamic Link Libraries. To use the neural network, simply cut and paste the formulas to an application.

Size and Speed - The Excel spreadsheet limits the size of the training database to 32,787 rows and 256 columns. Training speed and neural network run-time speed depend on the hardware support for floating point computation.

NNetSheet neural network models and preprocessing utilities include:

NNetSheet supports the following models/algorithms and utilities:

Licenses - The basic single-user license includes the neural network algorithm development tools integrated with the Microsoft Excel user interface macros and dynamic link libraries; an on-line tutorial; a 120 Page Manual; and sample Applications. NNetSheet comes with E-mail Technical Support.

System Requirements

NNetSheet requires Microsoft Excel.


Manufacturer Web Site Inductive Solutions, Inc.

Price Student version $35; inquire for additional pricing.

G6G Abstract Number 20046

G6G Manufacturer Number 101400