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Abstract NetMaker (neural network simulator and designer) is freeware package for building neural networks.

It was developed primarily to support particle interaction classification in high energy and neutrino physics experiments at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

NetMaker was also the manufacturer's test-bed for experiments with various algorithms (some well known and some of the manufacturer's own ideas).

Now NetMaker has turned into quite a flexible neural network (NN) designer with many possible applications - the main idea is to have networks, pre- / post-processing and data sets split into uniformly working, task independent blocks, which can form bigger systems.

NetMaker motivation(s) --

There are many neural network (NN) packages around, some obviously bigger, with plenty of network architectures, so what was the reason(s) to make another one?

1) Most of the NN packages let you create and play with a single network at a time; NetMaker is rather job-oriented: you can have multiple networks, data sets, connect them, reconnect, apply preprocessing, or Not.

The manufacturer will continue to develop NetMaker in this direction, so you will Not see unreadable images of spaghetti of hundreds of neuron connections, but more of a flexible data flow instead.

2) Still, few packages offer automatic adjustment of the network size. NetMaker development concentrates on such architecture.

Currently, there are two (2) network models implemented: Cascade-Correlation (growing only), and MLP with the manufacturer's growing/pruning algorithm and OBS weights elimination.

3) There are various error (cost) functions that the network can minimize, Not only the standard Mean-Squared Error (MSE).

It's true, that in many cases you won't see the difference, but there are applications where this appropriate function is crucial.

NetMaker neural engine features --

1) Neural network types -

2) Training algorithms -

Note: All structure modifications are safe to the network state (No error increase should be observed).

3) Activation functions -

4) Error functions -

5) Preprocessing -

6) Standard classification algorithms -

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