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Abstract The TinMan AI Builder™ is a platform for creating autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) based on the biological metaphor of artificial neural networks (NNs).

It includes an integrated development environment application (IDE) and the AI runtime engine.

According to the manufacturers, most AI tools and AI middleware applications today are impractical for development of an AI system that can function autonomously in a dynamic environment.

Many require significant familiarity with “how Neural Networks work” to be utilized properly, require a heavy mathematics or statistical background or deal with a single problem domain.

Historically, artificial neural networks have received much attention, but little has been done to extend the technology beyond simple pattern recognition. TinMan technology changes this.

TinMan technology --

TinMan technology fully abstracts and shields the user from the mathematical tedium associated with neural networks (NNs) and machine learning (ML) technologies through a modular and templatized approach. Combined with optimized training algorithms and a state of the art interface,

TinMan provides highly productive and rapid development of a multi-layer, parallel processing, self-modifying neural networks (NNs) that are ready for deployment in a dynamic environment.

The TinMan approach is a modular, interconnected, deep, multi-network system to provide speed and convenience throughout the design process, but also to eliminate historic limitations to applied artificial neural networks.

TinMan AI systems are extremely well-suited for continuous processing of input data in a dynamic environment, allowing for the continuous, potentially advanced execution of all desired behaviors / outputs.

However, AI systems developed in TinMan do Not have to be autonomous (on their own and functioning with a continuous stream of data) - they can be designed simply to compute one or more answers in response to a manual user event in the host application.

TinMan AI systems are “trained” (given knowledge on how to behave and the right choices to make under all conditions) through optimized learning algorithms that provide for speed and scale well beyond those of textbook algorithms for tuning networks.

TinMan exposes these optimized training algorithms and the process of training a system in the form of a spreadsheet filled with auto-generated input scenarios and the single click-and-assign process for directing desired behavior.

TinMan Technology Key Points --

1) Open to AI Middleware - TinMan AI systems work seamlessly (synchronously or asynchronously) with other AI middleware technologies such as path-finding, database integration, communications systems, etc.

2) Rapid Design - Because of the modular design and integrated compatibility across neural model types and attachments, a single AI System can be designed, tested and integrated in the same day with TinMan.

3) Broad Industry Application - AI Systems built in TinMan can be used in any host application that makes decisions based on a set of input data.

4) No Coding - AI Systems built in TinMan result in an encrypted flat file that is loaded and utilized by 3 simple API calls to the 2 TinMan runtime DLLs.

5) Abstracted Design - Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are the basis for the TinMan approach due to its best approximation of human-like behavior, but the theoretical and mathematical tedium associated with ANNs is abstracted, and users work at a higher level.

TinMan AI Builder is provided via two (2) versions --

AI Builder Express - AI Builder Express is an introductory IDE that provides a basic toolset to design, train, simulate, and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) engines.

By giving developers a choice of following a complete project wizard, importing historical data sets, and starting projects from scratch, AI Builder Express enables users new to AI to quickly understand and build basic engines - based on artificial neural networks, while still allowing more advanced applications to be created by AI veterans.

AI Builder Express comes with a development license to the Express Runtime SDK which allows integration into a test application. Applications created with the runtime library can be redistributed after a runtime license is purchased and obtained from TinMan Systems.

AI Builder Express allows the development of single model, single cycle, and single output AI engines.

AI Builder Express features include:

1) A self-constructing, neural network-based AI model for developing engines;

2) A project wizard to help create and connect inputs, outputs, and related lessons;

3) The ability to create up to 20 inputs and outputs per project;

4) Four (4) data input options: ranged double, ranged integer, Boolean, and descriptor lists;

5) Automatic AI system construction for imported data sets;

6) AI system export capability, including runtime libraries for testing and integration; and

7) Integrated hands-free, batch-based learn algorithm and application simulation.

AI Builder Professional --

AI Builder Express allows the development of single model, single cycle, and single output AI engines (as stated above...).

AI Builder Professional allows the development of “multi-model” systems with unlimited simultaneous processing logic, unlimited processing depth, unlimited simultaneous actions, and the integration of internal feedback loops for run-time system self-augmentation and input modification.

AI Builder Professional includes the above AI Builder Express features and the following additional features:

1) Ability for Outputs to Modify Inputs (integrated feedback loops);

2) Ability to Save and Load Sub-Systems;

3) Deep Multi-Layer States / Logic Processes;

4) Simultaneous States / Logic Processes;

5) Simultaneous Action Outputs;

6) Integrated Inter-agent Messaging;

7) Integrated “Fuzzy Logic” Interpreters;

8) Integrated math modules; and

9) Integrated in-IDE Output Sound Effects.

TinMan AI Builder's patents-pending IDE (integrated development environment) provides a complete suite of break-through, user-friendly tools to Design, Train, Simulate and Package an artificial intelligence engine for deployment in a host application.

TinMan's visual design approach makes it extremely easy to rapidly assemble complex human thought patterns.

The process of building an AI engine is simple: Design (visually construct), Train (embed knowledge), Simulate (test) and Package (export). The IDE allows you to design virtually any form of intelligence engine and then integrate with a simple class library, into your application.

Work at the Model Level for Rapid Design of Complex AI Systems -

Assembling an AI system is done while working at the model level. By dragging and dropping selected neural model types, and then connecting them together, a logic flow and associated feed of input data is achieved.

View Structure of Models and Train at Receptor Level -

Trainable state models are viewable at the receptor level. By double clicking on a state model in the model view mode, the receptor level structure is displayed along with the scenarios worksheet and auto-produced input permutations.

Design Behaviors Based on Logic Trees that Visually Make Sense -

Behavior trees and their associated inputs and outputs are extremely straight forward to assemble - leaving a model structure that closely resembles how you might approach a situation. Simultaneous or exclusive behaviors / states are simple to create.

Set Target Outcomes for each Model Instantly, and Retrain at Any Time -

The integrated scenarios worksheet is viewable in both model and receptor level modes. By showing each of the possible scenarios for a given state model, assigning new outcomes is as easy as right click and assign by click operations. Color coded values assist visual context quickly.

Types of host applications that can be created with AI Builder software --

1) Computer Games;

2) Robotics projects and autonomous behavior;

3) Medical diagnostics/therapy recommendations;

4) Customer analysis and prediction;

5) Law Enforcement / Criminal analysis;

6) Banking / investment / Fraud analysis and prevention;

7) Military / Defense and unmanned vehicle applications;

8) Aviation and Flight simulation; and

9) Any other target application that requires an autonomous artificial intelligence engine for making decisions based on a dynamic stream of data.

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