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Abstract GreatSPN 2.0 (GRaphical Editor and Analyzer for Timed and Stochastic Petri Nets) is a software package for the modeling, validation, and performance evaluation of distributed systems using Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPNs) and their colored extension: Stochastic Well-formed Nets.

The tool provides a friendly framework to experiment with timed Petri net based modeling techniques. It implements efficient analysis algorithms to allow its use on rather complex applications, Not only toy examples.

GreatSPN 2.0 is composed of many separate programs that cooperate in the construction and analysis of Petri Net (PN) models by sharing files.

Using network file system capabilities, different analysis modules can be run on different machines in a distributed computing environment.

The modular structure of GreatSPN 2.0 makes it open to the addition of new analysis modules as new research results become available.

All modules are written in the C programming language to guarantee portability and efficiency on different UNIX machines.

All solution modules use special storage techniques to save memory both for intermediate result files and for program data structures.

Several state-of-the-art analysis prototypes have been recently added to the package:

An algorithm for the fast computation of performance bounds based on ‘linear programming’ techniques, working at a purely structural level [the computed bounds depend only on the average firing delay of the transitions while they do Not depend on the ‘probability density function’ (pdf) of such delays];

algorithms for the analysis of Stochastic Well-formed Nets (SWNs), providing the user with the possibility of designing models of complex systems in a more compact way, and allowing a more efficient ‘state space’ analysis that automatically exploits the model symmetries [through the Symbolic Reachability Graph (RG) concept].

Furthermore, the graphical interface has been recently ported under OSF Motif achieving high portability under different hardware platforms.

GreatSPN main features --

The main functions of the tool are outlined as follows:

1) The graphical interface running under OSF Motif 1.2 (or later) allows:

Graphical model editing including layering, cut and paste, selection, rotation, rescaling, spline, zooming, improved printing in PostScript, etc;

Graphical representation of structural properties;

Interactive token game for PNs with priorities and inhibitor arcs (currently Not for colored nets);

Access to the model database, with cut and paste options for sub-models;

Definition of timing and stochastic specifications, parameters, and performance measures;

Menu-driven interaction with analysis modules;

Graphical representation of performance results; and

Graphical interactive simulation of timed and stochastic models (currently Not for colored nets).

2) Structural properties for nets with priorities and inhibitor arcs (currently Not for colored nets)

Place and Transition invariants; Deadlocks and traps; Implicit places; Causal connection and structural conflict;

Mutual exclusion; Extended Conflict Set (ECS) and structural confusion; and Structural boundedness and unbounded transition sequences.

3) Linear programming performance bounds for timed Petri nets (currently Not for colored nets): upper and lower bounds for transition throughputs and average place markings.

4) Reachability graph generation and analysis programs - Home space, deadlocks, and livelocks; Transition liveness degree.

5) Markovian solvers for steady-state as well as transient performance evaluation exploiting efficient, sparse matrix numerical techniques.

6) Simulation modules for interactive event-driven simulation (currently Not for colored nets). In cooperation with the graphical interface, they provide:

7) Well-formed colored nets analysis prototypes -

Construction of colored and symbolic reachability graph, conversion into lumped Markov chain, steady state and transient Markovian analysis; and Colored and symbolic simulation.

8) Nets composition through algebra.

9) Multiple experiments management through multisolve.

GreatSPN User Manual & Examples --

A New Getting Started manual for GreatSPN 2.0 is provided (either as a PDF or PostScript file).

A set of Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPNs) and Stochastic Well-formed Nets (SWNs) examples is also provided by the manufacturer.

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