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Abstract Geneious Pro is an integrated, cross-platform bioinformatics software suite for manipulating, finding, sharing, and exploring biological data such as DNA sequences or proteins, phylogenies, 3D structure information, publications, etc.

It features sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis, contig assembly, primer design and restriction analysis, access to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and Universal Protein Resource (UniProt), Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), protein structure viewing, automated PubMed searching, and more.

Product also includes an Application Programming Interface (API) for creating your own plug-ins.

Geneious Pro is a revolutionary bioinformatic tool that combines industry-leading DNA and protein analysis tools into a single package that is both ultra-advanced and easy to use.

Scientists, researchers, and students are able to search, organize, and analyze genomic and protein information of any size via a single advanced desktop program, that provides publication-ready images to enhance the impact of your research.

Geneious Pro features/capabilities include:

NGS Assembly in Geneious Pro --

All sequence assembly follows the same steps in Geneious Pro, whether you're assembling a two strands (forward and reverse) or enormous sequence list documents from 454, SOLiD™ or Illumina™.

Select the sequences you want to assemble (include a reference if you have one) and click assembly to get underway immediately.

Next Generation Sequence Assembly -

Harness multiple cores; Paired-end, mate-paired or fragments?; Reference assembly; de novo assembly;

Hybrid assembly; Fine tune reference sequence; Separate sequences by barcode/Tag/MID;

Assemble to multiple reference sequences; SNPs and INDEL calling; and Low/High coverage finder.

Note: Geneious Server™ - Data too large for your desktop computer? Consider offloading the jobs using Geneious Server to run industry-leading algorithms like Velvet, Maq, BWA and Bowtie on a workstation computer or a Oracle/Sun Grid Engine cluster with a single click from within Geneious Pro.

Chromatogram Editing and Assembly in Geneious Pro --

All sequence assembly follows the same steps in Geneious Pro, whether you’re assembling two strands of chromatogram data in Sanger format or enormous sequence list documents for NGS Assembly.

Select the sequences you want to assemble (include a reference if you have one) and click assembly to get underway immediately.

Chromatogram Editing and Assembly -

Chromatogram assembly; Import Sequencher data; Assemble by name; Automated trimming;

Disagreements; Chromatogram trace resizing; Call secondary peaks; and Extensive trimming options.

Alignment Features in Geneious Pro --

Easily select the sequences you want to align without having to juggle files on disk or copy/paste. Click the Alignment button to begin, and then quickly switch between the following array of alignment algorithms available in Geneious Pro.

Alignment methods in Geneious Pro -

Geneious Aligner™; ClustalW; MUSCLE; MAFFT; Kalign; Local re-alignment; Translation Align; Profile Align; Consensus Align; and Mauve Genome Align.

Phylogenetics in Geneious Pro --

Building a tree is just as easy as building an alignment. Without having to launch a new program you can just click on the alignment produced by any of the Alignment algorithms in Geneious Pro, and then click the Tree button to begin.

Geneious Pro offers a number of different methods for phylogenetic reconstruction.

Distance Methods - Neighbor Joining; and UPGMA.

Bayesian Methods - MrBayes.

Maximum Likelihood - PAUP*; and PhyML.

Additional Features - ModelTest; Bootstrapping; Tree Viewing; Tree Editing; and Distance Matrices.

Molecular Cloning in Geneious Pro --

In Geneious Pro it's easy to complete a workflow for in silico cloning.

Restriction Analysis -

Find restriction sites; Digest into fragments; Show non-cutting enzymes; and Virtual gel.

in silico Cloning -

Ligate sequences; One-step cloning; Gateway® cloning; and TOPO cloning.

Primer Design in Geneious Pro --

Primer design is now almost an everyday task. Take the hassle of inconsistent results out of the equation.

Geneious Pro™ integrates the industry leading Primer3 primer design program and extends the primer operations available to a whole new level.

Primers and Probes -

Import existing primers; Forward and reverse primers; Probe design; Design primers on alignments and assemblies; and Sequencing primers;

Advanced Primer Tools -

Primer browser; Primer database; Test with saved primers; Extract PCR product;

Trim by primers; 5' primer extension; and DNA melting point.

Database Search in Geneious Pro --

Keeping abreast with newly published articles and data is a key part of day-to-day scientific research.

Geneious Pro™ allows you to rapidly search all the key databases at NCBI for literature, DNA and protein sequence information and set up automated Agents and Smart Agents™ that do the searching for you.

Searching in Geneious Pro -

Literature search; Local search and filtering; Text-based search;

BLAST search; and Custom multi-threaded BLAST search.

Smarter Searching -

Automated searching and Automated Smart searching.

Predict, Manipulate and Annotate in Geneious Pro --

Geneious Pro™ includes numerous useful features for manipulating sequence data, displaying real-time prediction graphs, analyses and annotations, and the ability to predict and annotate permanent annotations.

Useful tools for Sequence Manipulation -

Manual editing; Extract annotations; Concatenate; Batch rename;

Alignment stripping; Basic manipulation; Back translate;

Reverse complement; in silico modification; Transfer annotations;

Stretch annotations; Extract annotations; and Ligate sequences.

Real-time Prediction Graphs and Analyses -

When viewing sequences and alignments in Geneious Pro it is possible to turn on several analysis features which are performed in real-time, meaning they are updated immediately as you change settings and edit the data.

Dynamic DNA translation; Generate Consensus Sequence; Graphs on DNA sequences; and Graphs on protein sequences.

Real-time Annotations -

As well as being able to rapidly select and annotate custom regions, Geneious Pro has several functions for automatically determining regions of interest.

Open reading frames; Heterozygous base calls; Restriction enzymes; and Protein secondary structure.

Predict Permanent Annotations -

For more computationally intense operations, Geneious Pro can also predict and annotate features as a one-time event, and then you can toggle whether or Not they're displayed as annotations after that.

SNP and variant finder; Tandem repeat finder; EMBOSS predictions; and High/low coverage finder.

Visualizations --

To the team behind Geneious Pro, visualization is far more than the image you're looking at, it's the whole experience of interacting with your data. Geneious Pro combines a large number of visualization tools for many different types of data and analyses.

The Sequence Viewer -

The sequence viewer handles a variety of different data types, but keeps the framework the same so it is easy to use.

Geneious chooses the viewers which suit the selected data automatically, so you only need to customize the view to suit the task at hand.

Sequence data; Alignment data; Chromatogram; and Contig.

Other viewers -

Tree viewer; Circular sequence viewer; Virtual gel viewer; Tabular viewer;

RNA fold viewer; MAUVE viewer; Dotplot viewer; Pfam domain viewer;

3D molecule viewing; MrBayes statistics viewer; and Distance matrix viewer.

Viewer Options -

Split view; Sequence graphs; Consensus sequence;

Translation and complement; Zoom, pan, scroll, select, edit;

Color schemes; and Saving images.

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