Illumina GenomeStudio ChIP Sequencing (CS) Module

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Abstract The ChIP Sequencing (CS) Module supports the analysis of Whole-Genome Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChiP-Seq) experiments performed using the ‘Genome Analyzer’ system.

Easily transfer sequence data from the Genome Analyzer Pipeline (see below...) into the CS Module, where you can derive biological meaning from the aligned sequence reads.

The GenomeStudio Framework displays data output in tabular form and enables you to quickly and easily visualize your results using the Illumina Genome Viewer (IGV) and Illumina Chromosome Browser (ICB) graphical tools.

Nearby genomic elements can also be displayed in the genome browser to facilitate data analysis.

CS Module Highlights --

1) Map global binding sites for DNA-associated proteins.

2) Identify differential binding levels between experimental groups.

3) Transfer sequence data from Pipeline output.

4) Align and visualize sequence reads against genome browser.

5) Scan and explore results at any level-from single nucleotide to whole genome.

6) Combine multiple experiments in a single ChIP-Seq project to maximize coverage.

Genome Analyzer Pipeline --

The Genome Analyzer Pipeline software is a customizable analysis engine that takes the raw image data generated by the Genome Analyzer and produces intensity scores, base calls, quality metrics, and quality-scored alignments.

Developed in collaboration with many of the world's leading sequencing centers, the Pipeline software is designed to scale to meet the needs of even the most prodigious facilities.

This software runs on numerous Linux operating systems and is an open source program, making it entirely customizable.

For customers desiring a ready-to-use system, a Pipeline Analysis Server is also available.

Pipeline Software Highlights --

1) Complete - Maximize the number of clusters used to generate sequence data with automated image calibration.

2) Reliable - Filter for high-quality reads using accurate cluster intensity scoring algorithms.

3) Accurate - Minimize the propagation of downstream sequencing errors with quality-calibrated base calls.

4) Customizable - Reduce the need for elaborate computer infrastructures with highly optimized genomic alignment tools.

5) Flexible - Identify structural variants and sequencing repetitive regions with intelligent paired-end logic.

System Requirements

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Pipeline System Requirements:


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