Genome Trax™

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Abstract Genome Trax™ is a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) software product that enables you to identify human genome variations of functional significance by mapping your NGS data to known elements such as disease mutations and regulatory sites in addition to identifying novel mutations that result in frameshift or non-synonymous codon changes within characterized disease genes.

Genome Trax benefits/capabilities:

1) Prioritize mutations from whole exome or whole genome sequencing;

2) Uncover the impact of your human variants on disease risk, gene regulation, and protein function;

3) Remove biologically irrelevant mutations and reduce the amount of mutations you have to investigate;

4) Identify novel mutations Not previously reported in the literature;

5) Understand gene regulation changes in your variants by mapping novel mutations to known or predicted regulatory sites; and

6) Find disease genes, drug targets, and pathways linked to your variations.

Genome Trax Key Features:

1) 4,400+ regulatory sites from TRANSFAC®;

2) 109,000+ disease linked mutations plus 12,000+ disease genes from HGMD® Professional;

3) 85,000+ COSMIC (Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer) mutations;

4) 1,000,000+ ChIP-Seq fragments with best binding site predictions;

5) Disease biomarkers, drug targets, and pathway memberships, and post-translational modifications from PROTEOME™;

6) Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) from dbSNP and Ensembl which overlap with promoter features and sites of regulation;

7) Additional genome features such as microsatellites, transcription start sites (TSSs), and CpG islands;

8) Offers both filtering and cross-comparison workflows;

9) Identify mutations resulting in frameshift or non-synonymous codon changes; and

10) Annotation tracks are fully compatible with UCSC Genome Browser;

Galaxy; CLC Genomics Workbench; and ANNOVAR.

Genome Trax Access options --

Online -

An online subscription provides access to the Genome Trax web interface.

Online subscriptions are available at the single IP, concurrent user, and institution-wide level.

All subscription levels require IP plus username/password authentication.

Download -

A download subscription provides access to all Genome Trax annotations in the form of .bed and .gff formatted files.

In this way, the complete Genome Trax data can be integrated into your own, or 3rd party, NGS analysis pipelines or tools.

However redistribution of, or public access to / display of, the data is Not allowed without prior written consent.

A download subscription does Not provide access to the Genome Trax web interface.

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