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Abstract Metabolic Pathway Builder is a software and data platform for fast, accurate annotation & comparative genomic and metabolic analysis of multiple organisms.

Metabolic Pathway Builder software enables you to generate maximum knowledge from your data: conduct complete analyses from sequences to the metabolic reactions and pathways involved, both comparatively (between multiple organisms) and differentially (using gene expression data).

Metabolic Pathway Builder Features/Capabilities:

1) Visualizers and tools for data manipulation --

2) Functional annotation --

3) Comparative annotation --

4) Metabolic pathway analysis and exploration --

5) Alignment and phylogeny --

6) Blast and databank searching --

The Metabolic Pathway Builder software and data platform also includes:

GenoAnnot-ProteoAnnot -- Your integrated annotation pipeline --

Simplify, automate and accelerate your nucleic and proteic annotation using Genostarís streamlined pipeline.

GenoAnnot-ProteoAnnot connects and integrates the many methods and tasks necessary for rapid, in-depth annotation and provides you with user-friendly visualizers and tools for sequence manipulation.

The manufacturer's versatile design automatically handles different data formats and leaves you free to concentrate on your research.

With GenoAnnot-ProteoAnnot you can easily annotate complete or partial sequences, identify specific coding regions, transfer annotations, and map contigs on a reference sequence to assemble your complete sequence.

Focus on and explore specific regions in depth. Automate your standard annotation procedures.

PathwayExplorer -- to explore the relationships between genes, their enzymatic products, and metabolic pathways catalyzed by these enzymes, including computing and querying homologies among CDSs.

PathwayExplorer gives you the capability to:

1) Compare several genomes.

2) Search for the genes that are specific to one of them.

3) Identify the corresponding specific reactions and pathways on metabolic maps.

4) Search for all the reactions which result in the chemical compounds described by the structure they share.

5) Then, track back to the genes whose products catalyze these reactions.

Use PathwayExplorer with MicroB (see below...) or a customized data set --

1) Integrated and classified genomic and post-genomic data for either 10-50, or nearly 700 genomes;

2) Metabolic pathway entries with information about metabolites, reactions, and corresponding enzymatic function;

3) Over 7,000 metabolic pathways, each connected to larger functional networks; and

4) 120 metabolic networks total - amino acid metabolism, lipid metabolism, energy metabolism, and others.

Or, use PathwayExplorer with BacDat datasets - With genomes or organisms of specific interest to your research.

MicroB - MicroB is a relational database that integrates and connects the most recent genomic, proteic, biochemical and metabolic reference data available on 1,250 complete microorganisms. It enables comparative analysis of your data in their functional context.

Note: See G6G Abstract Number 20152R for additional product info from this manufacturer.

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