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Abstract N-Browse is an interactive graphical browser for molecular interaction networks/biological networks.

The goal of N-Browse is to provide a simple, intuitive, and dynamic interface to molecular interaction data that allows biologists to take advantage of the rapidly expanding body of functional genomics data.

The N-Browse server at New York University (NYU) currently provides access to a variety of large-scale functional genomic datasets from several species.

Users can also upload their own data for integrated browsing with publicly available datasets.

The N-Browse graphical user interface (GUI) runs as a desktop webstart application that launches from your web browser and uses a client-server system to provide network data to the user from a server-side database.

It uses Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to talk to a MySQL database with the optimized N-Browse schema.

There is a Data-Adapter interface (which the JDBC adapter implements) that allows developers to hook up their data-source to N-Browse.

N-Browse uses a flexible data model that is optimized for retrieval and display of network data.

While it was designed specifically with biological data in mind, the concept behind N-Browse is to create a “Generic Network Browser” capable of handling any type of network-based data and associated information.

The N-Browse client-server package is designed for portability, with the goal that multiple independent N-Browse systems could be set up to provide graphical interfaces for network-based data from different data sources.

The N-Browse GUI contains five (5) main parts:

1) Main Menu & Navigation --

Main Menu & Navigation provides options to manipulate the Graph Display Panel (see below...).

2) Graph Display Panel --

The Graph Display Panel provides a network representation of available interaction data. It offers a number of interactive features for manipulating the graph and communicates with Node & Edge Data.

Additional aspects of the display layout can be controlled using the Main Menu & Navigation.

3) Node & Edge Data --

Node & Edge Data contains two (2) main sections, which can be opened by selecting the corresponding tab:

4) Graph Display Options --

Graph Display Options contains two (2) main sections, which can be opened by selecting the corresponding tab:

5) Upload User Defined Data --

Note 1: As of August 2009 - A new version of N-Browse is ready for beta testing. NBrowse2 is a major reimplementation of N-Browse.

Note 2: As of September 2010 - N-Browse is now integrated with the modMine database web service.

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