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Abstract MetaBase is the knowledge base (KB) behind MetaCore (see G6G Abstract Number 20024 for further info) and MetaDrug. Organized as an Oracle database with over 100 tables, MetaBase is one of the most comprehensive manually curated database of mammalian biology and medicinal chemistry data available today, in both industry and academia. Overall, it contains over 6 million experimental findings on protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein- compound interactions. Product also includes thousands of established signaling and metabolic pathways, ligand-receptor information for known drugs, drug targets and diseases, kinetic information on drug-metabolizing enzymes and relevant signaling proteins, ontologies for diseases, functional processes, toxicities, proteins and drugs.

GeneGo offers access to MetaBase tables and schema to a select group of large life science companies for pursuits in genomics, metabolomics, proteomics and more. Customers can integrate MetaBase content with their internal system and edit the interaction information or MetaBase can be used as their central repository for experimental data, integrate their own databases and algorithms and distribute enterprise wide within the organization. Product is installed behind the user’s firewall on a stand-alone server; No web access is available. Note: The product is made available at GeneGo’s discretion.

MetaBase provides customers with direct access to MetaCore and MetaDrug content -

MetaBase contains data in the following categories -

Physical entities - 1) Genes; 2) Proteins; 3) Chemical compounds; 4) Enzymes.

Interaction data - 1) Signaling and Metabolic networks; 2) Chemical reactions.

Other data -

MetaBase enables research into proteomics, genomics, metabolomics and more through GeneGo's manually curated database of mammalian biology and medicinal chemistry.

System Requirements

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Server (for in house installations):


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G6G Abstract Number 20025

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