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Abstract BioCarta Pathways is a graphic knowledge-base/database of interactive graphic models of molecular and cellular pathways.

BioCarta Pathways render lengthy and elaborate verbal descriptions of gene-to-gene interactions into easy-to-read diagrams.

These diagrams constantly evolve as new research better or differently determines the molecular relationships in more detail.

For researchers and students, Pathways provides what cannot be found elsewhere - totally current pictorial renditions of genetic research-in- progress for over 120,000 genes from the most often-researched species.

Moreover, the gene symbols in Pathways are linked and clickable, which allows researchers to use the Pathway diagrams in a functioning, graphical interface with BioCarta's Gene database (see below).

BioCarta works with the entire life science research community - 300,000+ strong - to develop BioCarta content.

Similar to the way "open source" programmers have built the Linux operating system, BioCarta's technology incorporates the input of each scientist from his or her particular niche or specialization into BioCarta's all-inclusive model.

In this way, the entire research community builds, updates, and corrects the model, making it ever more informed and accurate.

Some Pathways have a "Guru," a recognized specialist in his or her field of research, who functions as a sort of caretaker to the Pathway.

It is his or her responsibility to answer questions from BioCarta members and make sure the Pathway keeps pace with discovery.

As scientists submit new Pathways and/or corrections, Gurus weigh whether the input should still be regarded as speculative, or if it is irrefutable.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of recognized leaders in their respective fields, will moderate submissions from those Pathways without Gurus.

BioCarta engineers create new graphics or modify existing ones and integrate proteomic information as it emerges. They also specify whether the information is speculative or established.

Browse Pathways by Category --

a) New Pathways; b) Browse all Pathways; c) Adhesion; d) Apoptosis; e) Cell Activation; f) Cell Cycle Regulation; g) Cell Signalling; h) Cytokines/Chemokines; i) Development Biology; j) Expression; k) Hematopoeisis; l) Immunology; m) Metabolism; or o) Neuroscience.

Search Pathways by Title --

Search by 'Pathway Name'; 'Gene Name'; or 'Multi-Gene'.

Note: Biocarta provides templates which you can use in the creation of your own Pathways.

BioCarta's Gene database -- BioCarta's 'Gene Search' allows you to simultaneously search 'BioCarta's database' and multiple external online databases for sequence data, publications and reviews, disease correlation and interrelationships with other genes and Pathways.

You can also save the search settings for repeated use to your 'My BioCarta' account (once you have signed up for an account).

Gene search 'results page' provides the following:

1) Review column - This column links you to general reviews and information about the specific gene, including OMIM, the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man web-site.

DNA/RNA column - This column links you to genomic and other gene- related information, including LocusLink, KEGG, (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes), and Unigene.

Protein column - This column links you to protein sequence information, including SwissProt.

Others column - This column links you to a variety of other informative databases and web sites, including GeneCards (see G6G Abstract Number 20170) and NCBI Genes and Disease (Book) - Genes and Disease is a collection of articles that discuss genes and the diseases that they cause.

Publications column - This column links you to bibliographic information, including PubMed.

BioCarta Results column - This column directs you to Pathways, Reagents, and e-Posters that relate to that specific gene.

Clicking on one of them directly links you to more information within BioCarta.

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