Vector NTI Advance

Category Cross-Omics>Sequence Analysis/Tools

Abstract Vector NTI Advance is an advanced desktop sequence analysis and molecular biology data management system. Product offers a comprehensive set of data analysis and management tools that are integrated into a single analytical environment.

This integration allows you to focus on your research objectives and avoid the distractions of data manipulation and reformatting. Vector NTI Advance consists of five (5) integrated modules plus additional tools.

Products features/capabilities include:

1) Vector NTI Module -- includes the ability to:

2) AlignX Module -- includes the ability to:

3) BioAnnotator Module -- includes the ability to:

4) ContigExpress Module -- includes the ability to:

5) GenomBench Module -- includes the ability to:

3-D Molecule Viewer -- includes the ability to:

What’s New features/capabilities in Vector NTI® 11.5 --

1) Workflow support for new DNA cloning and genome-scale assembly tools;

2) Mac Compatibility and Extended OS support;

3) Improved Workflow for Querying TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays Online;

4) Applied Biosystems® 3500 System File Format Support;

5) Primer-Template Alignment Interface; and

6) Serious performance for managing thousand of molecules.

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G6G Abstract Number 20075R

G6G Manufacturer Number 101570