Luxid® for Scientific Discovery

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Abstract Luxid® for Scientific Discovery brings long-awaited answers to the challenges of information discovery and knowledge extraction from unstructured data.

Efficient information management is a major challenge for research and innovation teams, causing a growing demand to understand and integrate information from diverse sources and/or from across different disciplines.

To gain competitive leadership in your strongly regulated, innovation-driven industry, your organization has to effectively make sense of all the internal and external information flows, such as scientific literature, patents and user-generated content.

Designed to meet the specific content management requirements of innovation-driven companies, Luxid® for Scientific Discovery is an advanced and scalable solution that gives immediate access to non obvious information and delivering industry specific knowledge.

Luxid® for Scientific Discovery Key Applications --

Based on the award-winning, patent protected TEMIS technology and from close collaboration with leading corporations, Luxid® for Scientific Discovery addresses the following needs:

1) Improve Research Effectiveness to accelerate discovery and fuel product innovation with advanced analysis and innovative navigation tools relying on accurate extraction of domain-specific knowledge (see below…).

2) Manage Company Intellectual Property Assets to minimize infringement risks, cut down on legal costs, optimize product portfolio through acquisitions or partnerships and gain a competitive edge with automated patent analysis and monitoring (see below…).

1) Improve Research Effectiveness --

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2) Manage Company Intellectual Property Assets --

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