GenePort 5.0

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Abstract The GenePort system is a web browser-based data mining and management system that combines an advanced, portal-driven backbone with sophisticated and user-friendly knowledge discovery tools. The system manages and correlates data types including sequences, annotations, expression data, and literature, and presents the information in a clear and intuitive style allowing users to efficiently navigate and mine their data.

It provides researchers with an effective framework for turning raw data into discovery, and can be extended to include additional tools, data types and data sources.

Products New features in 5.0 include --

1) 100% Java - GenePort has been ported to the Java platform. This provides a number of benefits such as much greater speed, easier installation, and an increased number of supported server platforms.

2) VIBE Algorithm Server Usage - GenePort 5.0 now includes a VIBE Server license free-of-charge. The VIBE server is used to execute all long-running algorithms and is capable of utilizing the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) for performance boosts in cluster environments.

3) New Data Types - The manufacturer has added KEGG and Gene Ontology (GO) support to GenePort 5 and they are working on a brand- new Mass Spectrometry (MS) toolkit. Manufacturer has also added support for the MySQL 4.1.

4) Improved Metadata - Metadata is what makes GenePort work. For 5.0, the manufacturer has completely re-written the metadata system from the ground-up making it even easier to add new data types and algorithms to the system.

Products Data features include --

1) Wide Data Type Support - GenePort 5.0 supports microarray and sequence data. GenePort also seamlessly accesses PubMed, KEGG, and GO to download related data. All related algorithm results are handled internally by GenePort, thereby minimizing the effort of managing many heterogeneous algorithms and results manually. And because GenePort was designed with an eye toward the future of bioinformatics, its meta-data-driven engine allows new data types to be quickly integrated (such as this manufacturer's upcoming Mass Spec toolkit).

2) Data Permissions - The data permissions system ensures that No one can alter or remove data that's Not allowed to.

3) Simplified Data Management - GenePort provides web-based interfaces for importing data with automated execution of commonly used algorithms in the background. The system also exports data to INCOGEN's VIBE pipeline system (see G6G Abstract Number 20538).

Products Ease-of-Use features include --

1) Intuitive Portal Design - The portal interface provides an intuitive view of all data, with built-in data cross-referencing to automatically display related data items.

2) Effective Querying - Finding the most valuable data is greatly simplified with web-based forms that can build simple or complex criteria for data retrieval.

3) Customizable Views - Intelligent defaults and user-configurable views minimize the amount of unrelated data displayed. Users decide which data is shown on each page in GenePort and how they want to see it.

4) Helpful Search Agents - Virtual "Search Agents" use e-mail or digital cell phone paging to automatically notify researchers of interesting information as it becomes available.

Products Administrative features include --

1) Extensible Architecture - A state-of-the-art architecture allows GenePort to be extended to include new algorithms and data types with minimal coding. INCOGEN developers can provide a variety of additional unique features through the Professional Services division as well.

2) Flexible Resource Management - GenePort utilizes INCOGEN's VIBE (VIBE Server license included with GenePort purchase) to distribute computationally intensive algorithms to remote servers or clusters. This allows the system administrator greater resource management flexibility.

3) Cross-Platform Software - The GenePort system is portable, allowing it to be installed on a variety of operating systems. And since the client- side is accessed via a standard web browser, users can work from their favorite workstation. Your personalized GenePort installation can also be hosted by INCOGEN's Professional Services division to eliminate your system administration costs.

4) Secure Access - GenePort can be accessed over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to ensure confidential access to your data, whether in-house or on the road.

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G6G Abstract Number 20136

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