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Abstract NetOwl Extractor accurately finds and classifies key concepts in unstructured texts in multiple languages through the use of advanced computational linguistics and natural language processing technologies.

NetOwl Extractor supports multiple subject domains and languages and also features Smart Geocoding (see below...) for intelligent exploitation of geo-codable information found in text.

Subject Domains include -- Business, Compliance, Cyber Security, Finance, Homeland Security, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Life Science, Litigation Support, and Politics.

Languages include -- English, Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Farsi (Persian), French, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

NetOwl Extractor has been used to analyze a large amount of research papers for customers in the bioinformatics field.

Extractor frees up researchers’ time by providing intuitively structured information about biomedical data that had previously been located in unstructured texts. In particular:

1) Extractor provides automatic derivation of gene annotations from Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online (MEDLINE) texts, including the functions of a gene as reported in the abstracts, as well as the diseases, tissues, and other genes associated with it.

All of this information is conveniently structured and normalized.

2) Extractor addresses the serious problem of varying nomenclature by automatically linking the various ways of referring to a specific gene found in the literature.

NetOwl helps researchers cut through large amounts of unstructured text data. It enhances the accuracy of searches and enables real text mining within the life sciences.

Payoffs include acceleration of the drug approval process and the better understanding of the scientific literature. Companies and research organizations are better able to maintain their competitiveness.

NetOwl Extractor is available with three (3) out-of-the-box semantic ontologies, NameTag, Link and Event, and Cyber Security, with each one offering a progressively richer set of semantic concepts.

1) NameTag - Offers entity ontology for entity extraction, including over 70 types of important entities.

2) Link and Event - Offers a link and event ontology for link and event extraction, encompassing over 150 types of links and events.

3) Cyber Security - Offers a cyber security ontology that integrates concepts from US-CERT, DoD, and other leading cyber security organizations.

NetOwl Extractor features/capabilities include:

1) Comprehensive Semantic Ontology --

NetOwl Extractor offers a broad semantic ontology developed in partnership with subject matter experts. The built-in ontology includes Not only a variety of entities but also links and events.

2) Smart Geocoding --

NetOwl Extractor offers capabilities to intelligently exploit geo-codable entities found in text (see below...).

3) Entity Translation --

NetOwl Extractor offers English translation of entities extracted from foreign language texts.

4) Customization --

NetOwl Extractor’s Creator Edition (CE) lets its users perform extraction customization of entities, links, and events.

5) Semantic Disambiguation --

NetOwl Extractor recognizes and classifies concepts using linguistic context. This sophisticated feature distinguishes semantic differences like:

6) Coreference Resolution --

NetOwl Extractor resolves aliases of extracted entities, identifying them as referring to the same object. For example:

Smart Geocoding --

NetOwl Extractor geo-enables unstructured data, through its state-of-the-art “Smart Geocoding” capabilities.

Smart Geocoding’s main features/capabilities are:

Accuracy --

1) Automatically assigns latitude/longitude values to geo-codable entities extracted by NetOwl.

2) Intelligently performs location name resolution for ambiguous names like “Springfield” and “Alexandria”; it does this through a combination of advanced natural language processing and geospatial calculation.

3) Handles relative location phrases (e.g., “a town 10 km northwest of Paris”).

4) Converts Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinates to latitude/longitude values.

5) Supports multiple languages.

Flexibility --

1) Outputs a confidence ranking for each possible geocoding candidate.

2) Includes National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and United States Geography Survey (USGS) gazetteers along with the ability to incorporate their updates.

3) Provides interface for easy integration with other gazetteers.

Ease of Use --

1) Supports Web Services.

2) Offers pre-integrated search and geospatial analysis solutions with Google™ Earth and ESRI tools.

Advanced Features --

Provides unique capabilities -- thanks to its advanced link and event extraction capabilities -- to geocode people, organizations, artifacts, and events, in addition to place names.

For example, the user can find:

NetOwl’s Smart Geocoding combined with its rich semantic ontology provides unprecedented capabilities to expand the range of geospatial analysis.

Note: See G6G Abstract Number 20166R for additional product info from this manufacturer.

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