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Abstract Genedata Expressionist® is a comprehensive and flexible enterprise solution that manages, processes, analyzes, and visualizes omics data.

Covering the complete transcriptome, genome, methylome, proteome, and metabolome, the solution launched in 1998 and is relied upon by leading life science organizations worldwide such as the Institute for Systems Biology, Syngenta, Roche, and Novartis.

Supporting all major vendors and technology platforms, Genedata Expressionist has an open and scalable architecture to handle extremely large data sets and studies.

It provides a single-point-of-access for experimental, proprietary, and public data including sample information, raw and pre-processed data, and analyses results with reports and documentation.

Expressionist benefits include:

1) Communication platform bridges the gap between biology and statistics. Advanced statistical tools enable session sharing; graphical analysis workflows allow interdisciplinary teams to collaborate and increase efficiency.

2) Reduces cycle times by supporting the entire analysis process with carefully selected and well-documented algorithms and interactive visualizations.

3) Improves data value by enabling easy integration of different biological data types.

4) Data security and integrity are provided enterprise wide ensuring standardization and reproducibility. Audit trails facilitate FDA submissions.

5) Cost effective with support for all popular omics technologies to enable one system for all applications.

6) Open and scalable architecture integrates with existing IT infrastructures and can evolve to keep pace with growth.

7) Customization Services to meet specific requirements are delivered by Genedata Professional Services comprised of biologists, computer scientists, and statisticians.

Genedata Expressionist Modules --

Genedata Expressionist® is an enterprise system for omics data management comprised of integrated software modules. It features technology-dependent and technology-independent modules, which support the complete R&D process from data processing to statistical analysis, and data management and result reporting.

Technology-dependent modules for microarray data (Refiner Array), mass spectrometry (Refiner MS) and genomic profiling (Refiner Genome) allow data processing, visualization, and analysis dependent on the underlying profiling platform.

Once data are summarized to one value per feature and sample, they can be analyzed with the technology-independent module Genedata Analyst - (see G6G Abstract Number 20059R).

Refiner Array (Automated quality assessment and pre-processing) - Refiner Array provides standardized workflows and advanced algorithms for reliable and efficient high-throughput data processing of growing experimental datasets.

The module evaluates microarray data for quality issues and flags problematic measurements such as signal background, array surface scratches, signal intensity gradients, and technology specific parameters.

Reporting and documentation tools ensure effective project management and seamless communication. Refiner Array supports all Affymetrix GeneChip® IVT and WT arrays and has been awarded Affymetrix GeneChip Compatibility.

Refiner Genome (Closing the next-generation gap) - Refiner Genome processes, analyzes, and visualizes massive amounts of data in the context of genomic positions.

Processing includes: data cleansing; combining data from different technology platforms; performing genomic position dependent analyses; creating new genomic or sequence annotations; and condensing data to selected genomic features.

Data are visualized with a genomic browser capable of displaying terabytes of data. All major technologies are supported, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) and high-density microarrays (i.e. RNA expression, Gene regulation, DNA methylation, SNP analysis, copy number variation, etc.).

Refiner MS (Driving MS research) - Refiner MS offers processing and analysis algorithms. Processing includes data cleansing - for example, by background subtraction or aligning all data to one grid for measurements of several samples comparable to each other. Peak finding and annotation complement the analysis.

In addition, several interactive visualizers are available to display all processing and analysis steps. All major technology platforms are supported (i.e. LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, MSn, GC-MS, labeled and label-free MS, MRM, and Infusion MS).

Genedata Analyst (Bringing statistics to biologists) - Genedata offers an established general-purpose statistics tool box including t-Test, ANOVA, linear models, Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Partial Least Square analysis (PLS), Self-Organizing Maps (SOM), and clustering methods combined with tools for data normalization, transformation, and imputation.

Classification statistics and specialized applications such as survival time analysis and biological pathway analysis are also included. Statistical applications are complemented by result visualizations.

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