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Abstract Genesis Enterprise System Software version 3.0 (Genesis 3.0) provides a collaborative, secure environment incorporating integrated visualization and analysis tools that allow you to examine expression data and sample attributes simultaneously and perform a wide variety of analyses. This system enables you to create and manage a large number of sample and gene sets and store and share analysis results for on-going investigations.

With Genesis 3.0, you can:

1) View gene expression patterns across normal and diseased samples and study sets.

2) Analyze patterns of differential gene expression in a diverse set of biological samples.

3) Discover differentially expressed genes and potential biomarkers.

4) Identify potential targets and mechanisms through pathway and ontology prioritization tools.

Genesis 3.0 enables you to store, manage, and analyze large amounts of Affymetrix GeneChip array data and associated clinical, experimental, and genomic information. Designed and built as the delivery platform for Gene Logic's BioExpress and ToxExpress Systems, many pharmaceutical and biotechnology scientists use Genesis 3.0 to analyze genes and gene expression profiles as an integral part of their drug development programs.

Key Features of the Genesis Enterprise System Software:

1) Provides effective tools for simplified data analysis and pattern recognition using multiple options for filtering, reporting, transformations, and visual exploration of results via coordinated multi- pane viewers.

2) Allows empirical analysis based on user-defined parameters.

3) Enables the integration of gene attributes and sample details (e.g. clinical values) at the point of analysis. Integrated pathway analysis tools, expression data, clinical data, and reference data empower mechanistic analysis.

4) Scripted analysis workflows can be easily created and sent to you by Gene Logic technical experts to meet your specific in silico research needs.

Additional Features/Capabilities of the Genesis Enterprise System Software:

Genesis Software Organizes and Interprets Your Gene Expression Data

1) Sample set selection & management tools -- Create sets of samples to isolate and determine meaningful biological variables.

2) e-Northern Reports -- Generate graphical displays of median and range of gene expression levels for a gene within specified sample sets.

3) Human Chromosome View -- Visualize gene expression by mapping against genetic loci along a chromosome.

4) Correlation Map (Heat Map) -- Use color to highlight similar or dissimilar correlation between the expressions observed in pairs of samples or pairs of genes in the result set.

5) Principal Component Analysis (PCA) -- Reduce a matrix of expression data of many variables (genes) observed for a few experiments (samples) into a matrix of fewer variables (principal components) observed for the same experiments.

6) Scatter Plot Viewers -- Plot numeric gene or sample data attributes against each other. Also provides for the visual correlation of genomics and classical observations.

7) Pathway View -- Over 600 pathways from KEGG and exclusively provided by the Biocarta database for human and animal species. Pathways are fully integrated with gene expression data.

8) Integration with Third Party Tools -- Direct integration with a number of leading third party analysis tools. Provides extensive import and export capabilities to support integrated analysis.

9) Export data -- Analyze data using third-party software tools.

10) Linkage and curated data extracts from various public and private sources of genomic information -- Develop a systems biology view of your gene(s) of interest.

The GX Connect Module -- An advanced application for the import of Affymetrix GeneChip array, clinical, and experimental data into Genesis Software:

1) An Extensible Markup Language (XML) interface facilitates software integration between GX Connect and your existing data repositories.

2) Sample Data Editor allows direct entry of sample and donor descriptions, chemistry and laboratory values, clinical findings, and detailed pathology descriptions - over 1800 parameters are available. Extensible data model allows the definition of customer specific terms with full search and query support in analysis tools.

3) GX Connect contains a full complement of automation and data management tools that scale from limited integration projects to high volume, enterprise applications.

4) With GX Connect, you can create, manage, and mine your own reference database or add to BioExpress and ToxExpress Systems provided by Gene Logic.

5) Allows side-by-side analysis of your sample data with Gene Logic content.

Note: See G6G Abstract Number 20124R for additional product info from this manufacturer.

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