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Abstract XRAY (Excel® Array Analysis) is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that finds significant gene expression level and alternative splicing differences between biological states.

Familiar, User Friendly Environment --

You No longer have to invest hours learning complex gene expression applications for basic expression analysis. You probably use Excel on a daily basis and are already familiar with the XRAY environment. An intuitive project set-up wizard helps you construct large analyses with minimal software training.

Advanced, Fast Performance --

XRAY can quickly perform full normalization, probe-set, and probe-level analysis on unlimited numbers of CEL (cell intensity) files. For example, normalization and analysis of a dataset with 20 samples runs in under 10 minutes and 100 CEL files run in under an hour.

Key features/capabilities -- For Human, Mouse, Rat Exon Arrays -- XRAY gives you the ability to:

1) Find genes with tissue specific expression.

2) Find genes with tissue specific alternative splicing. Restrict to splicing that may change protein sequence.

3) Find outlier probes and samples.

4) Have the alternative splicing effect removed from gene level and fold change.

5) Auto generate a ‘methods document’ in MS Word.

Tiling Arrays --

The XRAY wizard allows the configuration of tiling analysis over multi- chip sets. Model-based analysis of tiling arrays (MAT) and Affymetrix tiling array software (TAS) like algorithms are supported as well as Biotique’s implementation of an Hidden-Markov Model (HMM) to identify binding regions.

Intuitive Operation --

The Analysis wizard makes project construction simple. Significant differential gene expression and alternative splicing events are represented in easy-to-understand result pages. The array quality report worksheet shows CEL File quality and normalization diagnostics to help you identify bad hybridization & artifact.

No Hassle Integration --

XRAY is gene chip compatible, accepts binary CEL files, and integrates results with NetAffx and public databases. Excel offers easy integration with other office applications & Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) databases. Users have full access to filtering, pivot tables, and all Excel functions.

Minimal System Requirements (see below)--

Fixed memory implementation means that you can simultaneously analyze unlimited numbers of CEL files on modest computers. No data needs to be filtered out or averaged away.

NOTE: See G6G Abstract Number 20135 for additional product info from this manufacturer.

System Requirements

500 MB RAM. Excel 2002,2003, 2007 with Windows XP or Vista 32 or 64 bit. Mac running Windows supported.


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G6G Abstract Number 20134

G6G Manufacturer Number 100441