Illumina GenomeStudio Methylation (M) module

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Abstract The GenomeStudio Methylation (M) module supports the analysis of Infinium and GoldenGate Methylation Assay data collected by the iScan System and BeadXpress Reader.

This module calculates methylation levels (beta values) and analyzes differential methylation levels between experimental groups and allows you to view CpG island (CpG islands are 'genomic regions' that contain a high frequency of CG nucleotides) methylation status across the genome with the Illumina Genome Viewer (IGV) and Illumina Chromosome Browser (ICB) graphical tools.

Single-site resolution data can be visualized as line plots, bar graphs, scatter plots, histograms, dendrograms, box plots, or heat maps.

This module also enables you to combine methylation data with 'gene expression profiling' (see G6G Abstract Number 20002A) experiments within the same GenomeStudio project for correlation between levels of methylated sites (beta values) and differential gene expression levels (p-values).

M Module Highlights --

1) Calculate methylation levels and visualize CpG island information.

2) Analyze differential methylation levels between two experimental groups.

3) Visualize results as line plots, bar graphs, scatter plots, histograms, dendrograms, box plots, heat maps, or control summary reports.

4) Merge gene expression profiling data with methylation data in the same project.

5) Display whole-genome data and beta values within the Illumina Genome Viewer (IGV).

6) Visualize beta values for one or more samples in the Illumina Chromosome Browser (ICB).

System Requirements

Genome Studio Software: click on "System Requirements"


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