Illumina GenomeStudio Genotyping (GT) Module

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Abstract The GenomeStudio Genotyping (GT) Module supports the analysis of Infinium and GoldenGate Genotyping Assay data collected by the iScan System and BeadXpress Reader.

This module enables efficient genotyping data normalization, genotype calling, clustering, data intensity analysis, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) calculation, and copy number variation (CNV) analysis.

Data quality is rapidly confirmed with internal controls and other Quality Control (QC) functions.

Fully integrated with Infinium Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) server, the GT Module allows you to directly access data and manage projects from within GenomeStudio.

As in all GenomeStudio modules, the GenomeStudio Framework displays data output in tabular form and enables you to quickly and easily visualize your results using the Illumina Genome Viewer (IGV) and Illumina Chromosome Browser (ICB) graphical tools.

Identified structural variants can be bookmarked (with auto- bookmarking features) and viewed in the context of the entire chromosomes with the ICB or IGV.

GT Module Highlights --

1) Analyze Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and CNV data across 2.1 million markers.

2) Individual SNPs can be viewed as GenoPlots and edited if necessary.

3) Estimate Log R ratio and B-allele frequency for copy number analysis.

4) Call genotypes, normalize and cluster data, and generate SNP statistics.

5) Export genotype data to various third party applications; access multiple CNV algorithms and copy number variation analysis tools.

6) Generate a chromosomal heat map for examining 'copy number aberrations' across the entire genome for multiple samples.

7) Analyze data from two (2) different product versions within the same project.

Note: See G6G Abstract Number 20002A for additional product info from this manufacturer.

System Requirements

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