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Abstract infoQuant’s oneClickCGH is a novel platform-independent data interpretation software product that provides quick and easy copy number analysis and reporting designed specifically for clinical diagnostics.

oneClickCGH features/capabilities include:

1) Intuitive, user-friendly workflow --

infoQuant has put years of experience in array Comparative Genome Hybridization (aCGH) and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) data processing behind oneClickCGH in order to create a simple, but efficient tool that helps find copy changes for an individual sample fast. In a few clicks users can go through multiple stages of advanced data processing and browse through automatically detected gains and losses.

Detected copy number changes can be manually verified and saved as a Word, Excel or Portable Document Format (PDF) report.

2) Reliable, industry proven analysis --

infoQuant’s workflow includes several data processing steps built specifically for array-based Copy Number analysis. infoQuant’s robust normalization, filtering and segmentation techniques were validated by world’s major commercial diagnostic laboratories and research facilities.

3) New level of data interaction --

State-of-the-art interface of the software instantly connects several visualization tools: from ratio plot to array image view. oneClickCGH also interfaces with publicly available annotation and knowledge databases like Entrez, Database of Genomic Variants, UCSC Genome Browser (see G6G Abstract Number 20197) and others for efficient interpretation of the results.

4) Integrated gene information and copy number variation (CNV) tracks -- Gene information is integrated directly into our data visualization tools to facilitate user-friendly browsing of known genes, their associations with various disorders and gene ontology (GO) terms.

We have also integrated CNV tracks from public sources into oneClickCGH's charts so that you can make inferences about clinical relevance of gains and losses with minimum effort.

And finally, integration of in-house CNV tracks can make aberration reporting even more productive.

5) Flexible data import --

oneClickCGH is compatible with raw and ratio data formats used by all major aCGH and SNP platforms. oneClickCGH can accommodate most complex experiment designs applied to a biological sample. It allows for rapid and efficient analysis of copy number changes utilizing replicate and dye-swap arrays as well.

Note: See G6G Abstract Number 20216 for additional product info from this manufacturer.

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G6G Abstract Number 20217

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