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Abstract GeneMarker® is genotyping software with application oriented defaults that dramatically reduce analysis set-up time.

Analysis is typically 3-clicks away from completion…Parameter setting…Data sizing…Analysis review.

The software’s robust sizing and pattern recognition technology automatically remove chemistry and separation artifacts.

Medical researchers, pathologists or cytogenetic groups benefit greatly from the integrated Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA™), Methylation Specific Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MS-MLPA®), Trisomy Analysis, or Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) analysis modules that reduce error-prone, and time consuming data transfer by integrating the complete analysis from data sizing through patient reporting.

GeneMarker has been designed to provide genetic researchers with a biologist friendly genotyping tool. The manufacturer incorporated the suggestions and requirements of several research groups into the software.

Their main requirements were ease- of- use, high accuracy, flexibility and low acquisition cost.

GeneMarker’s unique technologies have made it the software of choice of researchers performing Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP®), Terminal-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T- RFLP) Data Analysis, Microsatellite Analysis, Single Base Extension (SBE) analysis, Cluster Analysis, SnapShot®, SNPlex Analysis [SNPlex is a platform for Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping sold by Applied Biosystems (ABI)], SNPWave™, etc.

GeneMarker can perform analysis on up to 1,000 lanes of four (4) or five (5) color data sets generated by either slab gel or capillary electrophoresis.

It is a unique genotyping tool as it is compatible with files from all major capillary and slab gel electrophoresis systems including ABI files (*. FSA, .*AB1, *.ABI), SCF files, MegaBACE™ Genetic Profiler Software files (*.RSD, *.ESD), SpectruMedix files (*.SMD, *.SMR), Beckman files, and slab gel image files (TIFF,BIP,JPEG and TXT) from such systems as the LI-COR DNA Analyzers and Kodak Image Station when used in combination with JelMarker (An additional product from this manufacturer).

According to the manufacturer, GeneMarker is a replacement for such software packages as SAGA from LI-COR, TrueAllele from Cybergenetics, GeneMapper, Genotyper, and GeneScan from Applied Biosystems, MegaBACE Genetic Profiler and Fragment Profiler software.

The basic operation of GeneMarker automatically corrects for most instrument and chemistry errors, such as saturated peaks, noisy data, wavelength bleed-through, instrument spikes, and stutter peaks.

GeneMarker’s automated 'Run Wizard' is designed to make repetitive analysis quick, easy, and accurate.

Nearly every function of GeneMarker has been automated so that once the template is selected from the menu, or created by the user, the software automatically performs the analysis, providing a myriad of display and reporting options.

Once the analysis has been completed and confirmed the software saves all of the analysis parameters, raw data and results for easy archiving and call back at a future date.

GeneMarker provides a lane by lane overview of unprocessed raw data, permitting a quick quality control of the data.

GeneMarker provides a quality control graph indicating the linearity of the size call of each lane.

GeneMarker's wizard simplifies parameter setting by "walking" the user through 3 simple steps.

Templates can either be selected from several embedded templates or the user can create and save additional templates; detection settings are presented in one dialogue box that creates required flexibility in a simple to use format.

Panel management and creation requires only a few mouse clicks.

Analysis results can be sorted and manipulated to meet report requirements and then saved as a text file or input into a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or other data base systems.

GeneMarker can print reports of analysis for either all or selected sample sets.

Users can choose to include electropherograms, analysis text, and output sequence(s).

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