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Abstract VisiRule is a graphical tool for developing and delivering business rules systems and components simply by drawing the decision logic. Product features/capabilities include:

Rules and Processes --

VisiRule can help you build rules-based systems to model and automate decision-making processes. The business logic is identified and represented as a sequence of familiar graphical icons and links.

The underlying logic-based 'inference engines' help ensure a high degree of compliance and accuracy. This makes VisiRule ideal for building regulatory compliance systems, financial decision-making systems, and validation systems.

Shareable Know-How --

The expertise and 'know-how' captured in a VisiRule chart is immediately shareable with colleagues and collaborators. VisiRule charts can be exported in industry standard formats, there is No need for internal or external reviewers to buy or install any additional software.

All the relevant logic and business rules underpinning business decisions is immediately visible within a chart in a simple and coherent manner. This helps people work collaboratively and improves group productivity without increasing costs.

Productivity Improvements due to Graphical Programming --

By helping automate and deskill the design and delivery of complex decision support systems, VisiRule saves time and money. Not only can VisiRule be used by people with minimal programming skills, it also transforms the experience of building decision support and business rules systems for practiced software builders.

Once you are familiar with VisiRule, building an application is like creating a graphical machine. VisiRule enhances productivity by considerably reducing the production time while increasing the final quality of the decision systems.

Because, VisiRule is implemented in a logic-based environment, whereby each graphical object maps onto an asserted logical fact, VisiRule charts can be vetted in an intelligent manner. This results in fewer bugs (problems) and gives a higher degree of confidence in the accuracy of the final outputs.

Intelligent Flowcharting --

VisiRule is an intelligent flowcharting tool in two senses. Firstly, it is used to create expert (knowledge-based) systems and secondly, it intelligently guides the construction process by constraining what can and cannot be done based on the semantic content of the emerging program.

This reduces the potential for constructing invalid or meaningless links, improves productivity and helps detect errors as early as possible within the design process.

Automatic Generation of Menus --

VisiRule provides the automatic construction of menu dialogs for questions. These are populated by items inferred from expression boxes throughout the flowchart tree which have a validated path to the question. This minimizes the potential of simple but hard-to-detect errors caused by simple typographical errors.

Modularity --

VisiRule supports multiple, linked charts. This means that complex problems can be decomposed into smaller discrete problems where they are more easily tackled. It also means that frequently re-occurring scenarios can be re-used in alternative situations, and allows for the development of house or company rules.

Immediate Testing and Run-time Delivery --

VisiRule charts can be immediately tested and executed within the development environment. The generated code can be inspected and exported as Flex (see G6G Abstract Number 20185) or Prolog [Prolog is a logic programming language. It is a general purpose language often associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and computational linguistics]. This makes for a very quick turn around in terms of verifying that the specified logic is correct.

Final delivery within the Windows environment can make use of the built- in set of Graphical User Interface (GUI) routines supplied by the underlying compiler systems. Alternatively, charts can be embedded within Java, Visual Basic (VB), Delphi, C/C++, .NET, C Sharp (C#) (a programming language) using the LPA Intelligence Server toolkit (an additional advanced product from LPA).

And finally, VisiRule charts can be published on the Web using WebFlex (an additional advanced product from LPA), with additional presentation information for questions and pages being defined using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or in the Flex Knowledge Specification Language (KSL).

Integration with WIN-PROLOG and its Toolkits --

WIN-PROLOG (an additional advanced product from LPA) is the central product in a series that consists of programming tools that work cross- platform on Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98; the series also includes Flex, Flint (see G6G Abstract Number 20186), the CBR toolkit (an additional advanced product from LPA), the Data Mining toolkit (see G6G Abstract Number 20188) and the ProData Database Interface toolkit (an additional advanced product from LPA). VisiRule can use the routines and algorithm within these various toolkits as required.

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