Illumina GenomeStudio DNA Sequencing (DS) Module

Category Cross-Omics>Next Generation Sequence Analysis/Tools

Abstract The DNA Sequencing (DS) Module empowers efficient data analysis for whole-genome sequencing and resequencing experiments performed using the Genome Analyzer.

It displays genome-wide consensus alignments using single-read and paired-end sequencing data as well as SNP discovery and validation experiments using output files generated in the CASAVA module (see below...) of the Genome Analyzer Pipeline (see G6G Abstract Number 20370) analysis software.

From Discovery to Validation --

Import SNPs identified in DNA Sequencing experiments into Illumina's Assay Design Tool (ADT) and match called SNPs against the dbSNP database to identify novel SNPs.

An ADT report with the genomic regions containing identified SNPs can be sent to Illumina, who can help you with the design of custom GoldenGate and Infinium genotyping assays.

DS Module Highlights --

1) Visualize consensus reads in the reassembled genome.

2) Discover and confirm Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).

3) Monitor coverage.

4) Scan and explore results at any level-from single nucleotide to whole genome.

CASAVA module --

Illumina's Consensus Assessment of Sequence and Variation (CASAVA) software captures summary information for re-sequencing and counting studies and places the data in a compact structure for visualization within GenomeStudio Software or publicly available analysis tools (see Cross-Omics>Next Generation Sequence Analysis/Tools category).

CASAVA can create genomic builds, call SNPs, and count reads from data generated from one or more runs of the 'Genome Analyzer' across a broad range of sequencing applications.

CASAVA Highlights --

1) Aggregation - Condense real results from many runs of a resequencing or counting experiment.

2) Consensus Calling - Generate base-calls for every position in the genome where supporting evidence is found.

3) Polymorphism Detection - Produce SNP reports for use in association studies and for correlation with microarray experiments.

4) Counting Statistics - Generate lists of counts for reads that align to specific genomic entities such as genes, exons, and splice junction(s).

System Requirements

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