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Abstract ImaGene aCGH Module is a leading edge microarray-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) analysis tool.

It was developed to provide researchers with an advanced tool to assess DNA copy number variations.

ImaGene aCGH Module is fully integrated into ImaGene 9.0 (See G6G Abstract Number 20128R), presented as an additional analysis capability of this pioneering platform for genomic research with aCGH specific analysis and visualization.

With the ImaGene array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) Module, you have all the features of ImaGene 9.0 delivering high quality data and advanced automation to quantify, normalize and analyze your experiments.

And with this automation, you reduce the risks of operator error, making your data more reliable and your experiments reproducible.

The aCGH Module is presented within ImaGene 9.0’s user interface with advanced navigation that makes you productive in No time at all.

In addition, the interactive integrated visualization tools enable you to quickly drill-down from a chromosomal region to a single spot on the array to ensure correct interpretation of results.

ImaGene aCGH Module allows you to get a fine grain view of your sample’s chromosomal data with advanced analytical features/capabilities that will make you confident in your data and its reproducibility.

1) One-Button Quantification, Normalization and Analysis - the high degree of automation reduces operator error to ensure high quality and reliable data, and reproducible experiments.

2) Change Point Detection Algorithm - ImaGene aCGH Module’s statistical-based and customizable Gain / Loss Call Algorithm offers the best balance of speed and accuracy of results and puts you in control with user-defined algorithm parameters to filter out the noise from your experiments detecting chromosomal deletions and amplifications to your threshold requirements.

3) Integrated & Interactive Chromosome Plots --

Advanced navigation provides the ability to visualize spot images, see corresponding data tables and analysis results down to individual spot deletions or amplifications, while viewing chromosome location.

A special zoom function provides focus along a specific section of an individual chromosome.

4) A variety of plot types for display or export as graphics files include --

5) Point and Click Analysis - with just a click of your mouse you can move from chromosome to chromosome or from spot to spot within a chromosome for rapid analysis and visual quality control (QC) of your experiment results.

6) Interconnection with Web Resources - direct integration with University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) and Ensembl web-based resources to extend your research capability to the global research community.

7) Fully integrated into ImaGene 9.0 - easy to use, simply load the file and go to work - No separate software, and No unique data importing requirements.

ImaGene 9.0 - Features You Can Rely On -- With ImaGene aCGH you can rely on all the proven capabilities of the fully integrated ImaGene 9.0, including these core features.

1) Automated spot finding and grid placement;

2) Spot & array-level automated quality control;

3) Patented automated segmentation;

4) One-button batch processing;

5) High quantification accuracy;

6) Intuitive interface design and navigation;

7) Integrated and interactive analysis results; and

8) Diverse system compatibility.

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