Illumina GenomeStudio Data Analysis Software

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Abstract GenomeStudio Data Analysis Software allows you to visualize and analyze data generated by all of Illumina's platforms.

This advanced informatics solution supports the primary analysis of sequence-based data produced by the Genome Analyzer and microarray-based data generated by the iScan System and BeadXpress Reader.

Performance optimized tools and a user-friendly graphical interface allow you to quickly and easily convert data into meaningful results.

Flexible Informatics Solution - The GenomeStudio Software package comprises seven (7) discrete application modules that enable you to conveniently compare data from different applications to obtain a comprehensive view of the genome, gene expression, and regulation.

The software's modular nature allows new applications to be added as necessary.

GenomeStudio Software Modules --

1) DNA Sequencing Module - (see G6G Abstract Number 20371)

2) RNA Sequencing Module - (see G6G Abstract Number 20372)

3) ChIP Sequencing Module - (see G6G Abstract Number 20370)

4) Genotyping Module - (see G6G Abstract Number 20153A)

5) Gene Expression Module - (see G6G Abstract Number 20002A)

6) Methylation Module - (see G6G Abstract Number 20373)

7) Protein Analysis Module -

Data generated by Illumina's platforms can be easily exported to a number of third-party software tools for more secondary or tertiary analysis through the use of plug-ins integrated within the GenomeStudio module architecture.

GenomeStudio Software Highlights --

1) Integrated Analysis - Analyze data generated from all Illumina Platforms - the Genome Analyzer, iScan System, and BeadXpress Reader.

2) Multi-Assay Analysis - Combine data from more than one assay type in the same project; analyze data from a variety of applications using the same program.

3) Advanced Framework - Display data output in tabular form; quickly and easily visualize your results using the Illumina Genome Viewer (IGV) and Illumina Chromosome Browser (ICB) graphical tools.

4) Sophisticated Analysis Platform - Access high-performance algorithms and statistics calculations that support a wide range of applications.

5) Open Access - Export data into a variety of formats compatible with other commercially available analysis tools.

6) Flexible - Add plug-ins as new features become available.

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G6G Abstract Number 20374

G6G Manufacturer Number 101345